I want my wife to Pegg me .

I just want my wife to use a strap on on me and pound my butt.

1 month ago

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    • Still nothing, but got a hot rim job on my super shaved butt.

    • Id love this too but she wont have none of it i dont think, id never have a balls to ask anyway! Soon as shes out tho i jump on her dildo, absolutely love it, id love her to give my prostate a massage. I know 100% it would be amazing

    • You don't know what your missing . Some how try to bring it up.

    • It would be so hot if it was her idea.

    • I do the same thing !

    • Me and the wifey have got into it so much the night I want prostate massage or ass fucked by her strap on I will text her if Ling Ling is working tonight . Means my prostate is craving a milking. She will respond yes most of the times

    • When I married my wife she knew that I was bi. We had what they called an open marriage. We both loved getting fucked by other guys. One night when I got home from being with a guy we were in bed and she asked me so you like getting your ass fucked. I looked at her and told her that it feels amazing. She then pulled out her didlo from under the covers and said let's see if you can handle this. It's a nice didlo black and 9 inches long and thick. I rolled over a she started fucking me with it. She was surprised when I was able to take it all in easily. After that night she went out and bought a strapon she's been pegging me for years now. And has a lot of different toys for me. Buttplugs didlos and vibrators. I have the best hands free orgams with her. She loves to be in control over me.

    • Your so lucky, id love to be you right now

    • Really? Do you know this from experience?
      Please tell me more.

    • Yeah I know it was my wife fantasies to be in control she had told me one day. So I let her buy one and use it on me. She was horny as hell I reach between her legs was wet dripping like hell . Well we did are thing hit my prostate and I came like a race hoarse. Every once in awhile we would use it then we started talking about a upgrade thicker longer her milking me with her fingers. So we are experienced now. She made me kiss it suck it. She made like a ten minute video once. Well back to strap on play she wants to use a squirting one so she can see it run out my ass. But I actually been fantasies about a hot tranny just feeling it pump in me leaving me there ass up jiz oozing out. But I have not told my wife this.

    • Be careful gets addicting after your mind goes other places might crave a real one

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