To my shame I want to be dominated by a white woman.

I don't know how to feel about this a part of me feels ashamed disgusted and I hate myself for feeling this way I'm a freak.

I'm a black man in his mid 20s and I have the desire to be dominated and degraded by a white woman like I want to be completely under her mercy.

I want to be a slave to her and I want her to remind me that I'm lesser then her that I am pathetic.

I want to worship her like a goddess and I want her to be very wrathful I want her to punish me even if I do everything she says I want to be under her utter control.

If she is a women who is older then me I want her to treat me like An abused step child if she is the same age as me I want her to treat me like I'm just the complete dirt under her feet.

I want her to cause as much pain to me as possible I want to be reminded of my place I would let her treat me like a woman I would be the definition of a bitch to my white goddess.

I already do things to myself thinking that it's my white goddess doing it to me.

My biggest fantasy is a group of white women ganging up on me beating me up calling me names and brutally destroying my ass.

I also have a fantasy of being a husband under the rule of his wife people would see us as the prefect couple and happy but behind close doors she hurts me in as many was as possible.

I want her to break me.

I am a poor excuse of a black man I dishonor my ancestors and my race for wanting this but I can't help the way that I feel every time I see a white woman I imagine myself being subjugated by her.

I have dreams of white women like Lauren southerns or Lana from red ice tv making me their slave I be forced to take all the most horrid things they could come up with.

If I married a white woman I wouldn't spring this on her because she would most likely think that I have problems but I'd would honestly would love her and treat her like a princess.

I just don't know how to control my thoughts and what I do to myself and what I want a white woman to do to me and what I want is for her to hurt me remind me of my place.

I am very confused.


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  • Just marry one, dude. You'll have all the misery you can stand, and then some !

  • "My biggest fantasy is a group of white women ganging up on me beating me up calling me names and brutally destroying my ass."

    Welcome to the club.

  • Hey, I am black and have a stocking top and garter strap fetish. I have spent most of my adult life wishing I could be dominated by a dozen white women. They would tie me up and watch as I get turned on by their teasing of me. Each of them would sit across from me and make fun of my small dick.(6 inches). They would cross and uncross their legs, letting their dresses ride up their thighs to beyond their stocking tops. As I gawked and lusted watching those stocking tops and garter straps come into view, my dick would become rock hard, Those women would buckle and unbuckle their garter straps driving me insane. Finally they would have me lie down while they each ride my face. Feeling their nylon stockings against my cheeks is heavenly. Then as the last woman continues to glaze my face the other women begin mocking my dick, called me a black pervert. They all begin telling me to cum. Over and over they humiliate me, soon I cum like a perverted maniac as they stand around point and laugh. God I love white women!!

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