My love

I'm 19 years old and just graduated high school this past spring. For the longest time I have known I had feelings toward my mother. She is the most sexy and sensual woman on the earth. She had me when she was 18 and is now 37. I love her long red hair and beautiful green eyes. Her skin is pal and beautiful. When she touches my body I can feel how soft her hands and fingers are. I can just imagine how good her hands would feel on my cock and ass. I have masturbated to pictures of her in a one piece bathing suit. I so want to be with her. I love her so much. She is now engaged to a man who is about 10 years older and he's so ugly. I mean ugly. Like balding on top and pudgy short man. I'm tall and muscular and my cock is over 8 inches and fat. I could please her so much but not sure how to tell her what I'm feeling. The thought of him with her makes me angry and sickens me. She deserves much better than him.

I have fantasied about killing him and cutting his chubby ugly body in pieces and strewing the remains in the everglades so the alligators will dispose of them. I want to fuck her and suck her nipples while she rubs my sexy round ass. I can't let her marry him. I am thinking of ways to get rid of him. Including having an older chic I know sleep with him and filming it as black mail to keep this marriage from taking place. I just needed someone to understand me.

She is sleeping now and I sometimes go in her room and watch her sleep. I turn the heat up so she pulls the covers down and I see her wonderful naked body. She is a goddess and I want her all to myself. I love her so much it hurts. I have a friend that we have sex once in a while. She is a beautiful red head with green eyes like my mother. I pretend it's her I'm fucking. Love pounding her ass with my large dick. But it's not anywhere near as good as the pussy that gave me life. I love you mother please don't marry that little pathetic asshole when you can have me. I want to get naked with her and have her wrap her gorgeous sexy legs around me and fuck her like see deserves to be fucked.


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  • Niku oma ema mis sa kardad,ta ootab sind.

  • If your dumb ass wasn't daydreaming about your mom so much you could of graduated in summer with the rest of the class you idiot.

  • Yuck... Disgusting...

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