I love being abused

I really don't know how I ended up liking to be abused I just do. I would love a man to slap me around and call me a bitch a slut and a whore. To drag me in the shower and use me as his personal urinal. Beat me every morning and night just to hear me cry. Completely dominate me treat me like a little sex slave. I love being degraded during sex. I've always been attracted to aggressive men, but I always attract nice guy who wanna treat me like a princess but want to be treated like the dirty slut I am.

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  • Oh honey me too. I wish a guy could beat the shit out of me. I like being called a slut mmm

  • Besides the urinal part I am pretty much the same. I like to be used and abused. And I can't get off unless I am. I love being handcuffed and being forced to choke on a cock. Love my hair pulled and face slapped. I am with you. I love being treated like a dirty slut. There is nothing like it. So keep it up!

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