More than a little rude. . .

I was at a big party, maybe 50 people, and hooked up with a guy. We found a bedroom in the back and we did the obvious.

The thing was that I was nude on all fours and sucking this guy's cock, and some random dude entered the room and stuck a finger in my vagina. WTF? I damn near tore his head off. Just because I'm sucking dick on my terms doesn't mean that someone can finger me. I chose the guy I wanted to be with. What the fuck did that mean others can touch me? No way.

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  • Very naïve.....

  • You're absolutely correct ! Never assume ! That just makes an ass of me and you. No, wait a minute, that's an "ass menu " ! Never mind.

  • Damn straight. Own your body.

  • You have to watch ass when you're naked with your pussy in the air. It is a party after all, and some chicks who are really wasted, don't notice, or care. You did the right thing yelling at the guy, and that was the end of that.

  • I guess you have a point? But if you’re naked sucking dick at a party?

  • Be glad it was just his finger, little miss Easy !

  • Yeah, most drunk party sluts are up for that kind of stuff, but you are right, he should have asked first.

  • Should've let him fuck you.

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