Adult video store

I’m a married guy, who’s sex life has dropped off after 15 years married. I don’t cheat on my wife, so I started going to a couple of adult video stores in my city last year for something new. These places have private viewing rooms, where you typically pay 10 bucks to watch a porn movie. I like interracial stuff, black guys with big dicks banging white women mostly. I would go in after leaving my office, dressed in a suit. I usually work late, so not an issue. I’d rent a porn and jerk off with the room locked. This got boring quick.
Recently I noticed two older black guys in there as well, watching me looking in the interracial porn section. As I headed downstairs to the rooms, I decided for some reason not to close the door.
I started watching a movie and then started jerking. The two guys peaked in the door and asked if they could join. I said yes and they both smiled at each other and came in and started jerking also. They room is small with one chair so I sat on the chair and they stood on either side of me jerking off.
I found it very exciting to jerk off with two black guys while watching interracial porn. Their big dicks were literally a couple of inches from my face. One of the guys then put his free hand on my head and nudged me toward his cock. I started sucking him off. The other guy then stood in front of me and put his cock in my mouth when the other guy pulled out and kept jerking. They both came in my mouth and I ended up swallowing their cum without thinking.
We’ve met a few more times since and they’ve gotten a little more aggressive in ramming their cocks in my mouth but I like it. They say humiliating things to me as well and they’ve cum on my face too.
I feel like this has taken a wrong turn in me sucking theirs dicks but it’s exciting.

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  • Do you think that your wife would approve?

  • No she wouldn’t and I’ve been tested for std’s so all clear thankfully. I’ve learned my lesson about giving unprotected bj’s.
    They put condoms on now if I’m getting a dick(s) in the mouth.
    I enjoy this a lot so I can’t see stopping. I’ve discovered I enjoy being manhandled and humiliated and I’ve found a few men that enjoy manhandling and humiliating me so it’s turned into quite a mutual turn on.

  • Would you want them to fuck your ass?

  • No gotta say I have no desire to have a dick up my ass.

  • You do know that knee grows have about four times higher rate of HIV and other STD's than other races? If you are gonna go black, never go bareback.

  • I think you should take your wife along. She would probably enjoy one of those big black dicks in her or maybe both,while you watch and jerk.

  • Lol

  • Well, so much for not cheating on your wife. Have fun, be careful.

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