Wetting myself on the way home from school

I've posted a couple of knickers-related stories on here before, well here's another...

It was an early summer afternoon and I was walking home from high school, wearing my uniform of a white shirt and short black skirt, with bare legs as it was warm weather. I hadn't been to the loo since the morning and as I walked I started to really need to wee, but figured I could try and hold it til I got home. The urge to wee got stronger and I got more desperate, and eventually I leaked a little into my big white knickers (which I always wore under my school skirt). I knew I had to find somewhere to go and pretty quickly, so I found a house which I was certain was empty and ducked into its front garden and hid behind the hedge.

I dropped my school bag, hitched my skirt up and squatted down, and as my knickers were a bit wet anyway decided to do it through them. Not having done so on purpose in public before it took a moment to get started, but a few seconds later I began to wee through my knickers. It felt such a rush as the wee gushed through my cotton knickers onto the ground and soaked them, and was so relieving after I'd held it in for so long.

I got back to my feet leaving a large puddle on the ground behind the hedge, rearranged my skirt and picked up my bag, and continued home. It felt very different and very naughty walking home with wet knickers!

Always happy to talk and answer any questions


2 months ago

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    • What are the other stories?

    • I posted one about showing off my knickers in PE lessons, and wetting together with my sister.

    • Stroked to this story. Let me know more. bestucando98@yahoo.com

    • I emailed back, but it bounced back and said that address didn't exist?

    • That’s hot

    • Thank you :) I tried it more and more after that, and still do sometimes today!

    • Mke2001w8tr@gmail.com

    • Have emailed

    • There is something so sexy about wet panties! Jealous of the man who would get to play with those.

    • Thanks :) if you'd like to chat, let me know an email address.

    • I would love to hear more about your stories and I do have so many questions for you

    • Let me know your email address then and we can talk :) Lynn.

    • Fuck yes please hit me up! jjthebanger@gmail.com :)

    • Have emailed.

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