For the past 2 years I have been having a sexual relationship with my mother in law there is a lot of teasing ie flashing rubbing groping between us in front of family lately I get really turned on by it but lately my wife’s grandmother has been showing a lot of attention that was never there before like brushing my dick while she is standing next to me leaving a extra button undone on her shirt and bra is really loose and leaning over and talking to me and I know she has caught me looking cause I could see her hard nipples so I have been testing my theory out she came by a couple days ago and I was wearing my pj bottoms and no briefs under neath and I walked out with a half hard cock hanging and as I walked past she was sitting at the kitchen table and instantly grabbed me leg to get my attention as I walked by she felt that thing rise instantly she chit chatted a bit and kept looking down by that time I had a full on erection all I could think about was pulling the front of my pants down and just letting her have it. I have to go to her place tonight and help move some things for her so I’m going with no briefs on and some shorts cause for being 62 she is in great shape and nice tits from what I saw

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