Mum and step dad

My mother wanked off my step dad in our front room in front of me, i watched him cum

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  • See on normaalne kui isa ema nikub.

  • My parents were not that forward about it but I often heard my mom moaning out and the bed squeaking. I got older, like early teens and of course more curious. I noticed one day that if I climbed a tree across from their bedroom window I should have no problem seeing them. It took several times of spying on them before I finally saw my mom walk out of their bathroom naked and climb into bed. My dad got right into it and went between her legs with his head, they had sex for almost an hour and it was hot, I could definitely see why the bed made a lot of noise.

  • Sounds like an invite to join in on the fun. If you are a girl, you should have grabbed a hold of his cock and helped your step daddy blow his load. If you are a boy, you should have pulled down your moms panties and started sucking on her pussy and finger banging her till she let you slide your hard cock up her wet vag. Nothing better than returning to the place that you were born from.

  • Are you a girl, did you like his facial expressions?

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