Ladyboy blow was life changing

This year I paid for sex for the first time in my life. Paying for what I could get for free has never appealed to me. And the thought of so many being there before me isn't a turn on at all.

I was in Bali Indonesia on a vacation by myself this year. Ladyboys hadn't turned me on before, just some mild curiosity. But after seeing them a bunch out at night, I started looking them up on porn sites. It seemed they gave amazing BJ's. I wanted to try just to see how it is.

The first one I tried didn't work out. I wouldn't do it without a condom, because even BJ's can spread disease. And I wouldn't risk taking it home to my wife. And I just couldn't come with a condom on. So I chalked it up to just not something that would work for me.

Then one night a pretty very passable one told me she would give me an amazing BJ. I told her it wouldn't work. I told her that I will only do it with a condom, and it just won't work with one. I don't cum. My wife and I have sex many times a week for years, so I've naturally built up a lot of stamina anyway, and condoms just make it even harder to finish. She told me she can make it work for sure, give her a try. So I did just to prove her wrong, and see for myself.

She was amazing. I've had many BJ's in my life, but none like that. She had skill, talent, and desire. It was a very long BJ, but she wasn't giving up till she succeeded. Ending with her on her back and head tilted off the bed while I stood in front of her pumping as hard as I could all the way as deep as I could. And she did succeed. It was the most amazing BJ I've ever had in my life. I wish everyone's desire for cock and success was as strong as that was.

She had a beautiful face, and nice tits. It was easy to just ignore that there was a cock further down and play with her tits and look at that gorgeous face desiring to consume me as best she could.

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