Peeping on Males

I was speaking with a like minded pervert and voyeur, recently . She's much younger than me, and much more hi-tech in the pursuit of her desires. She'll place hidden cameras and use drones whereas I'm old skool and use binoculars to access open curtains or blinds. She and I both prowl sex clubs, and x-rated cinemas, never participating, just looking. We are known as " the Lookers " or "the Creeps" . She asked me if I peeped on males, other than when it was a couple having sex. I admitted that in my younger and much more active years, if it was a man, or boy showering or changing clothes, I would move on. Not interested. After I became an adult, like twenty-one, I saw an older neighbor jerking off into his toilet. I was surprised at his large cock, the flared purple head looking like a doorknob, and stuck around to see him cum. He fired a salvo of spunk all over the back of the toilet, shook the big thing off, and cursed as he wiped up his sperm. That was a turning point for me. If the men, or teen boys, were jerking it, I'd watch. I'd watch women if they were merely nude or in undies. I saw a lot more males masturbating than women. In fact, in all my years of very active peeping I only saw two females jilling off ; one a very young teen fingering herself in front of a mirror, and the other, a thirty something using a dildo. She, on the other hand, has seen a lot more variety, including bondage, s & m, and auto-
erotic strangulation. I've never seen any of that, peeping in windows. I was less lucky or had duller subjects, I guess.

After moving to a large urban area, I'd happen upon gay males having sex. In fact, I didn't even have to peep in windows to see it, it would happen in parks, or, adult cinemas. I found it interesting, but, less of a turn on than lesbians or straight couples. My young friend gets turned on by seeing gay guys sucking and fucking. Where she and I agree is the thing at the heart of voyeurs, it's watching those who are unaware of being watched, the taboo thrill in that. Like the "100 % voyeur" post where the guy gets a kick out of seeing folks attend to bodily functions, shitting and pissing, to be specific, I might not agree with his kink, but, I know his reason for watching. Pervs of a feather, so to speak.

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