Betrayal of trust.

I posted this as a comment on another post but I think it deserves its own post.

Last month one of my closest friends went out of town for about a week and she asked me to feed her cats. We live in the same building so I figured sure. When I went to get the keys she apologized for the mess, it wasnt that bad. She said she didn't have time to clean. The first day I went and feed the cats and played with them. The next day was the same but I started looking around her place. Then I felt bad adout it and left. The next day I did it again. This time i went into her bedroom. The first thing I saw was a pair of blue panties on the floor. I grew up with three sisters. I learned early to check for the position of things before touching them so I could leave things like I found them. I started getting hard as soon as I picked up her panties. She smelled so fucking good. I went into the bathroom with them and jacked off into a wad of tp while smiling them. Before my dick was even soft i felt bad about doing it. I went back to my place but I kept thinking about what other things I could find. When i went back the next day I went through her bedroom. I went through her dirty laundry and found several pair of panties,nylons and tights. I found a pair of black nylons with a black thong all rolled together like she had taken them off at the same time. I came so hard playing with them. I have a nylon fetish, I wanted to keep them but didn't want to get caught. I know she has a vibrator but I couldn't find it. I do kind of feel bad but at the same time I'm looking forward to her going out of town next month.

Anyone else ever gone looking around a friends place?

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  • When I was a single gal, I had a guy friend from my apartment complex come in and feed my fish while I was away for a week. My place was clean when I left, with the exception of some laundry in a closed hamper. When I got back, my laundry was done. I was like, "What were you doing with my laundry? I didn't tell you to even look in there or that it even needed to be done." He said he was doing me a "favor," lol, but to this day I wonder if he was playing in there. At minimum, he was snooping around a bit.

  • Whats the big fucking deal. If you dont get caught they'll never know about it. Growing up I used my sisters dirty panties and tights as cum rags all the time.

  • While I was married, my Sister-in-law, a Flywheel instructor with a ridiculously athletic body, asked my wife and I to go to her apt each day while she was on vacation one week to water plants, feed her cat, etc. The 2nd to last day she was gone, I went over since my wife had a training session. I spent about a half hour going thru her lingerie and undies. I was never able to look at her the same way after that day because of how sexy her undies were and how badly I wanted to see them on her. Tried looking thru her computer the next day for pics but did not find any. I don't feel bad about this at all, by the way, since a couple months later she told my wife I made a pass at her best friend (untrue) and that started my wife and I on the course to divorce.

  • Ugh I am only ever gonna have my mom check my place/pets. Fucking sicko. I don't care that you like panties, and nylons. I don't care that they get you off. What I take exception to is your extreme lack of respect for someone that trusted you. You have no self control, and that should scare you. What perverted disgusting thing might you do next?

  • Put your pets in a good kennel , my girlfriend had her mom come check on things while we were gone away for a weekend only to find out her mother was sending her younger brother over to do it. The little perv 16 year old had gone through all her draws and even jacked off on two pairs of her panties . He had used our condoms to cum in and left them thrown in the bathroom trash ( in plain view) one of them just laying on the floor. You really can't trust anyone alone in your home!

  • Yea i have, i knee she had dressed up for her boyfriend before and had some time alone at theirs, i found stockings, corset, pair fuck me heels and a slutty pair of boots, i sniffed her dirty knickers and bra as i wanked and spunked all over her boots. also had a chance once to go through her boyfriends phone so i did, amongst all the normal pics was a few of her all dressed up and posing. fucking hot

  • Our neighbors asked my wife and I to look in on their pets while they were on vacation. One night we went into their bedroom looking for the cat. I found a pair of panties in the master bathroom. I picked them up and showed them to my wife. She laughed as I sniffed them and then I held them out to her. She walked over and sniffed them, too. It felt so naughty doing this. We ended up fucking in their bed while holding the panties near our heads. The smell and the fact that we were in their bed made for some great sex!

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