Pool party

Well all of us are retired now the kids grown with family's of their own and as retired folks we decided to buy a house far enough away from thm so we could enjoy ourselves.
When we were younger we dabbled into swinging but our kids were still home so it was difficult so we gave it up but I have missed it so we looed for a house beside a golf course with an older retirement area and on Highway 50 outside of Sacramento we found our home. We were just off the fairway far enough not to get broken windows from wild golfers but close enough for Jerry My husband to walk to the clubhouse and I was delighted to meet a few gals there that were fun so we started building a small group of friends.
There were pathways for us to walk on and dinners at the clubhouse sometimes and we were really enjoying our retirement I was first to find a guy to get it on with and then Jerry and Carol did it and after a few excursions we were having nude get togethers at each others house and this Sunday it was our turn and Jerry fired up the grill and we had a tub of beer and several bottles of mixed whisky and wine Everyone was a little tipsy but still functional and all of us were still in pretty good health after the meal we went outside and I stripped off my clothes and jumped int the pool and swam enjoying the cool water some of the couples had paired off and I could see Jerry and Lucy headed inside holding hands so I called Ted who was beside the ice chest and yelled bring me a beer and he was also naked with a very hairy body and all of his chest hair was a snow white but he still moved pretty for an old fart and I was up to my shoulders in the pool and he sat the beer down beside me then he sat on the pool with his legs in the water and said that will cost you and I laughed and said oh dear and I don't have any money either just what do you have in mind looking up at him and he said O I will settle for a blow job and I laughed he was so funny but I moved in front of him and pushed his legs apart his cock was not hard yet but it stuck out far enough for me to take it in my fingers and I started to stroke him and I looked up at him and asked have you heard any more about your sister and he said no but Mark said he will keep me posted his cock was starting to grow now and he asked have you seen any of your kids lately and I answered no but they are busy doing whatever like kids do and he said ugh huh and his cock was filling out pretty good now so I sucked him into my mouth and he said AAHHHH that feels good and I laughed he is so funny then his hands cupped the back of my head and for a few minutes I jut sucked his cock and he tasted good I was having fun and he started talking about the old chevvy he was rebuilding then he stopped and said can I cum in your mouth and I grunted around his cock ugh huh and he sighed good the water around me was splashing up against the side of the pool wall from my movements as I moved back and forth and he sat there breathing harshly and said god I like this hold still I am going to cum and I waited and I felt his cock swell up and then it pulsed and I tasted his cum he sat there and I waited then his cock began to spurt really good and I swallowed as fast as I could and I was impressed at ho good he could still cum at his age.
I sucked him until he was soft then he said your beer is getting warm so I chased his sperm down with a drink of still cld beer and he said I got see what Mary is up to and he thanked me and patted me on the head and he left .
Later I was laying on the mat on my belly half awake when Tommy came over and asked if I wanted him to rub some sun block on me and I said sure it is beside my head and then I felt the sun warmed oil on my back and he was beside me rubbing my back and he asked if it was alright if he sat on my butt and I laughed and said ok and I felt his weight but he had his knees under him so it wasn't bad his balls were against my ass and I was getting interested now to and I felt his cock growing to and he slipped farther back until his cock head was between my ass cheeks and I was laughing outright now as he wiggled around until his cock head was forcing me open then he slipped inside f me and started to move with a purpose.
My hubby came up and asked if I wanted anything and I said no I was getting what I wanted right now and he asked can I watch so I said ask Tom I don't care I was feeling very good now and I was getting that feeling inside of me now to so I just laid there enjoying his cock until I came very good but he was still going at it very quickly and he asked can I cum inside of you and I said no you better not and he asked can I butt fuck you and I thought for a second and said ok that should be alright so he pulled out and quickly shoved his cock up my ass .
I have had anal sex many times and it no longer hurt so I let him have his fun then he empied his balls in me and left.
Jerry sar down beside ma and said that was hot babe want another beer and I said no I just want to relax for awhile and he was gone looking for another gal probably and I was satisfies I had a belly full of sperm and a ass full of it to. Life can be really good at times.

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