Slutty Wife WARNING!

I first met my wife about 10 years ago at orientation for a new job. When I walked into the room I was instantly drawn to her, seriously the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I knew then i HAD to be with this girl! Throughout the orientation I would intentionally get got looking at her but I'd make sure I would give her what I call the "LOOK". This is something I was extremely good at, this was not a creepy pervert look nor is it fucking her with my eyes, it's a look that makes her feel beautiful and interesting. She obviously saw what I was doing and knew what I was getting at. So when she would share with the group she made sure to mention that she had a daughter...... FUCK! I thought instantly I was screwed, she must have a boyfriend and more likely a husband. So I immediately shared and let everyone know that I had a girlfriend of 5 years, an attempt to make her jealous and also make her think i wasn't even interested anyway. Throughout the rest of orientation we gave each other looks and you could tell there was some sort od strange, strong connection between us. As orientation ended I mustered up as much courage as I could and committed to introducing myself out back when it was over. As we finished i turned in my packet and darted outside to find this gorgeous girl and make her mine... When I get outside she is nowhere to be found, this girl knew I was after her, and so she successfully left as quickly as she could. I never was to see her again.

About two weeks later my prediction had been confirmed, I had never seen her again. She must be working in an other department in a different city. One day while I was outside smoking a cigarette in break, there she was! Looking even more beautiful than I had remembered from before, I quickly ran over to her to properly introduce myself before she had the opportunity disappear again! Ellie, she turned out to not only be beautiful but she was cool as fuck too. We talked about orientation and her baby and my girlfriend, turns out there was no man in her life and I told her I was actually broken up with my girlfriend but still lived with her. Ellie told me when she saw me first that she was instantly attracted to me, she felt exactly like I did, there was this intense connection instantly for her as well. She explained to me that she also intentionally brought up having a kid because she wanted me but was worried I was a player and didn't want to even start with ne because of the intense feeling already, I explained the whole girlfriend comment was my way of doing the same. Ellie then explains she was hungover that day threw on sweats and had no makeup on, she knew ibwas going to approach her after the meeting so she literally ran as fast as she could to get away! Now with both of us coming clean we exchanged numbers and began to talk all the time. I knew this was something special because I felt like I had known her forever, like we were best friend from child hood and I've never felt something like that before.

Over the next little but Ellie and I talked almost constantly like best friends. Ellie however was being very intense, telling me everyday and everynight that she wanted to meet early for work so that I could fuck her brains out in the car. Now normally this is a homerun for a guy, I mean come on how perfect is that? You meet the most beautiful girl you've ever seen and she wants to fuck you right away with literally no effort on your part! However I was in love already and this was not what I wanted from her I wanted more, I wanted her, I wanted the friendship! So here I am with two things on my mind... One, is the girl I want just some sleezy little slut and two, I cant fuck her what if I am not good enough or big enough and I ruin any chance I have with her because my sex is worthless. So I begin playing my game, I keep denying her the sex she so desperately wants and keep us as just friends. We start to get even closer I start picking her up from work so we had tine together alone, but still no sex. One day im sitting at my desk and i get a text from her, I unlock my phone and there it is 2 pictures of her ass naked in the upstairs bathroom at work. She is PERFECT! I swear on everything I have never seen such a beautiful pussy and such a skinny fit gorgeous body with incredible tits. At this point I can no longer hold back my desire to fuck her and nake her mine. So I do the one final check to see how much of a whore she is or if she has some feeling for me, I delete her as friend on Facebook! Before you know it I get an angry text from her aaking why I removed her as friends and what she ever did to deserve that. The plan couldn't have gone any better I now knew she didnt just want to fuck but she also really liked me on another level. I told her I would add her back and I didnt mean to in the first place, however I waited about I week before I did this.

Part 2. Coming soon...

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