Eddie's resolution

The first time was for me, a whole new experience of what I'd accept in my life. Not only seeing her take Eddie's cock in all her holes, but also acknowledging my wife's need for more sex than I could offer her.
Yes I could have walked away, and yes we would now after this length of time, be divorced. Yet the circumstances of how I ended up watching them fuck, I knew because I didn't react negatively overall, I would suffer seeing the forty four year old fucking her with his much larger thicker cock.
His persona and known history of violence, plus the slap which had knocked me senseless, persuaded me to see him cross our threshold again and walk over to my wife Ellie. She was stood in our kitchen with her back to him preparing our evening meal. That's when he slid his hand up under her short dress and began to massage her pussy in front of me. Turning to me, he told me to get him some coffee, and added "I'm going to fuck your wife again, Muppet".
It had been nearly a week since the first time, and Ellie couldn't stop talking about how wonderful his large cock had made her feel. It didn't matter to her how I felt about it, only that she'd experience a true orgasm after such a long time.
Watching him manipulate my wife sex, I walked over to the coffee maker and did as he asked. All the time looking over every now and then to see my wife spreading her legs to accept his rough attentions. Then when he'd practically ripped off her dress, and lifted her left leg right up, I saw him struggle with his own shorts.
Turning my way, he looked at me, told me to take his shorts and boxers off and continued to finger fuck my wife. Walking over with his coffee, I placed it on the kitchen table and took a hold of his clothing. His ass was only inches from my face as I lowered his shorts and I could smell the sexual excitement between them both.
No sooner had his clothing been removed and he'd stepped out of them, he shuffled back up to my wife and from a very close perspective, I watched him slid his cock in one long thrust, into Ellie's pussy.
She gasped loudly, told me to watch and then bent right over to encourage Eddie to fuck her harder. As he began to thrust deeper and harder, she turned her head and said "This is how you fuck a good looking woman like me".
She was right. My wife had always been above my limit. I was batting well above my sexual capacity with her and we both knew it. Even before she'd cheated on me, I knew with all the dildo's and vibrators she had, plus her ever growing need to masturbate even after we'd had sex, that I couldn't match her sexual libido or her need for a guy with a cock that would fill those greedy holes of hers.
Seeing his cock up close like that, and seeing how it made her react, I knew there was no going back. A one off was exactly that, her seeking out some kind of sexual check to understand her own limits. But to have him fucking her again with the kind of ferocity they were now going at it, I had to admit, Eddie was a far better and larger lover than me. And I had to admit, my wife looked beautiful on his long fat manhood.
Ellie orgasmed within a couple of minutes, something I'd never been able to make her do. If she did orgasm with me, it was only after I'd fucked her, then gone down on my wife to tongue out my own cum, and in the process licking her clit until she came all over my face.
Eddie's and his super thick cock had no trouble in making her climax again and again. And seeing her shake as she climaxed a second time when he withdrew his cock from her pussy and then slid it hard straight into her asshole, I understood I was going to be a secondary sexual part in my wife's life from then on.
I'd moved by then to sit at the kitchen table, but after Ellie had orgasmed from her anal fucking, her mood changed. She lifted herself off Eddies cock, slid off what remained of her dress and walked over to me. Putting her foot on the table so her pussy was very close to my face, she looked down at me and said "Lick me Muppet, and make me cum".
It was Eddie's turn to watch and I could tell he didn't like it much. But Ellie was in her element and she controlled the situation as she saw fit for a while. Even so when I'd been attending to my wife's oral needs for a few minutes, a cunnilingus session I will always remember, she told Eddie to stop standing there and to give her asshole a "Hammering".
I was still tonguing my wife pussy and clit as he slid his dick inside of her asshole and bizarrely I could feel his cock up her ass, when my tongue slipped into her soaking wet pussy.
Ellie was letting us both know how she wanted to be pleasured and Eddie didn't let her down. His cock pounded into my wife and she came twice as I began to struggle to give her the oral attentions she wanted.
eventually he was fucking her so hard, I could barley get near her and my wife almost collapsed as Eddie finally unloaded up my wife's asshole.
She orgasmed again and I tasted that all too familiar taste of her cum juices as she pressed my face into her wet folds.
Eddie was sat at the kitchen table drinking his coffee, as Ellie lay on her back only inches from him. She had me tonguing out her love holes again while telling Eddie I he was the kind of sexual man she needed.
As I continued to to lick my wife's sex clean, I listened to them kissing, and it was that act of their love making, if you can call it that, that finally sealed what I knew was my marital and sexual fate.
That evening I didn't even get to cum myself and waited until my wife wanted a quickie the following afternoon. Eddie was out of town for a couple of days, so my little cock would have to suffice. And in moments after cumming inside of Ellie's pussy. she had me go down on her. Only when she climaxed, it wasn't my name she called out, it was "Eddieeeee".


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  • I would love to be her husband and have him fucking my wife like that. I would be happy cleaning his cock of her pussy juice and being told to clean them both with my tongue.

  • Be a good cuckold and wash your wife’s panties

  • Great story

  • Load of shit

  • Amazing story ! The most amazing thing about it is that you were able to fuck, at all, with absolutely NO BALLS !

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