I shared her after 17 year

One night our young neighbors Ellie and Andrew decided approached me and my wife and asked if we wanted to meet them for drinks. After a night of dancing everyone decided to head back to our basement to drink a few more and get away from the loud music. As we discussed more about our jobs and got to know more about each other we decided to meet the following week again for drinks and music. Andrew was a very tall fit white guy who worked out in his garage daily. Ellie was short and petite and believe it or not had given birth to 4 kids. Both stated they needed a night out.
After me and wife wound up in bed I noticed my wife seemed turned on for some reason. I could just sense it and I jokingly asked her if she was turned on by Andrew. She didn’t say anything at first then said yes what do I think about Ellie. I said even though she gave birth to 4 very young kids she’s still somewhat sexy. We got back on the subject of Andrew. I told her what I saw in the bathroom as we routinely pissed next to each other the entire night. I told her you wanna know what? She asked what? I said I haven’t seen a cock on a guy as huge as his. And she said are you kidding? I said no I saw it a few times and he’s huge. I asked her if she had a chance with him would she like to make out with him. And she whispered in a sexy voice yessssssi would.
Next week we meet at our house and Ellie decided to leave early. Somewhere in our conversation Andrew tells us due to all the kids, schedule and Ellie’s mood he very seldom has sex with her anymore. This was something I was waiting to hear. I had seen how he seemed to check out my wife so I said maybe this is the perfect time to see if anything happens. I previously told wife if you see turning off lights that’s your clue. It wasn’t long before they were dancing then making out. I position myself to see my wife irubbing on Andrews cock. I was watching from a peep hole in the closet nearby. My wife was letting out moans that just about made me shoot all over the place . Andrews cock was huge and before it he bends her over and starts fucking madly which I thought she would tell him that was enough and he was way too rough but she let him continue and it was obvious he was making her cum. I thought myself so this is how you fuck a woman. I felt so freaking turned on and at same time worried. After pumping her hard for about 30 minutes or so he cums inside of her and she reaches out to him to kiss him passionately. I’m watching as his long hard 8 or 9 inch cock is sloppy wet starts to go limp but it still looks huge. I’m thinking it’s over when she gets on her knees and sucks him clean.
It isn’t long before he’s pulling up bus pants and leaving. For 17 years of fucking her I had never been able to make her cum through penetration and he makes her cum countless times. That night was the hottest ever and we try to sneak him in at least once a month.

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  • Yes so true.I shared my wife with a friend.We fucked her together took turns but in the end his 10 inches won out.I had to lay beside them and watch and masturbate as he continuously gave her the best fucking she had ever received.He rammed her nonstop with that thing and she just kept cumming over and over until he shot his cum in her.She was more than satisfied and hooked on big cock,every other day she would ask if we're hanging out with him soon?

  • Awesome

  • Great story pls give updates

  • We’ve just recently met him at a local hotel and he could only spare a few hours.
    He’s really attracted to my wife and her hot shape attractive body. He is so awesome to watch cause he pumps hard almost immediately and her moans are so fucking intense. You would think him pumping her so hard deep and aggressive he would cum quickly but he doesn’t. That’s what makes him so special. That and the fact he can cum huge loads.Its been hard trying to get him back again as he travels a lot and of course Ellie has no idea what we are doing with him

  • Does your wife feel a little guilty that she is hiding this secret from Ellie and allowing Andrew to cheat?

  • I don’t know if it has something to do with us being an older couple and I can see her view. She doesn’t make much of an attempt to have a social relationship with us. He’s told us she can be very nagging and not into sex as much as he is. I just can find a way to stop how I feel about the way he pumped her so hard and rough. I actually thought myself she can’t be enjoying it that hard but it was totally opposite. In all the years I’ve fucked her I can’t even compare to coming close to what he can do to her

  • I hope you make more money than Andrew does, because there is now no reason for your wife to live with you.

    And have you banged Ellie yet?

  • I doubt I make more earnings than Andrew he works as a traveling medical for pacemakers. We’ve also found out from Ellie he gets hit on constantly at hospitals he is stationed to and has has many fling. I don’t mind about that all I care is to see his huge hanging cock inside my wife and him pounding her and I mean pounding her hard and his huge loads .She is so turned on by him and I’m just the same

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