Natural attraction teaser

When I started puberty I would flash my dad he always smiled and always looked and complemented my body. I stopped when my step mom caught me flashing him my tits. She didn't say anything right away later she told me I was flirting with fire. Then she shoved me against the wall asking me if I wanted to show her my tits. She then slapped me across the face asking me if I thought she was fucking around. I knew she was serious and stopped my little shows lol

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  • Your sister needs a proper spanking. Like i posted earlier i caught my daughter flashing and shes still sleep on her tummy. My wife and i gave her the spanking of her life on her bare little bum and she will certainley think twice about flashiing again..

  • My hot older sister walked around the house, around me, half-naked, robe open to her tits were displayed, and either thong and crop top shirt, or short towel after her shower that barely covered anything. She'd lean over, let me light her smoke, and sit next to me so her open-robed tits would be easily seeable and right there. She'd also flirt around, touch my arm or shoulder, and lean into my chest, laughing at whatever we were joking about.

    Several times, our pain in the ass mother would tell her "cover up", or say my hot sister's name angrily to get her to fix her robe, change out of her towel, and stop showing so much skin to me. I hated hearing it, so did hot sister, who'd do it briefly, but then, minutes later, let whatever she was or wasn't wearing undo itself and her tits would be right back out again. Or. I'd follow her to her bedroom while she got ready and her robe would be wide-open, shirt tossed onto the bed (she liked drying her hair topless in the mirror), and she'd be all exposed again.

    Did have one time that pain in the ass mother caught me really looking and revved-up for hot sister's body, and she demanded that "this obsession with your sister has to stop". I wanted to tell her, but...LOOK at her! Did you see that body she's always showing off?? Did you see those tits?

    I did not, however, listen to her angry direction, and continued my attention to hot sister's frequently-exposed body and tits. Loved every minute of it.

  • She isn't joking she even told off my dad I could hear her going off. She said if she sees this shit again she will kick my ass and his she told him. Also adding she would tell my mom about it not that I'm scared of my mom lol. I could kick my mom's ass pretty easy step mom noway.

  • Good plan to stop. You will be on her radar for your little shows and it sounds like s-mom is not fucking around with this.

  • I caught my 12 yr old flashing boys and she no panties On and she got the longest and hardest spanking of her life on her bare little bottom. Shes grounded and is getting another spanking before early bed time again after her bath. Im going to use my wifes hairbrush on her. Dont think she will be flashing anytime again. Your a little brat and your stepmom should tann your little buns till there glowing red..

  • I think you like spanking her bare ass, you sick fuck.

  • What you suggest you moron that i allow my 12 year old daughter flash older boys her nude body. I realy dont think so. My wife and i agree with spanking and thats excatley what she gets and on her bare bottom. You dont agree then get over it. Our daughter wont be going around giveing her nody to every horney little shit. Not a hope in hell. Now go fuck yourself..

  • She wanted your tits. Mom and daughter loving each other...hmmm

  • You can Flash me

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