Behind closed doors

To my friends family and boyfriend I’m known and seen as a lovely young lady.
Behind closed doors I’m a big slut, in my bedroom I will do a strip dance in front of the mirror and talk to myself, I imagine I have an audience of men watching me wanting me, when I’m completely naked I go into slut mode, lifting my leg up showing my pussy then saying would you like to fuck my pussy.
When I’m finished I feel really silly but I do enjoy doing this.
I wouldn’t dare do anything like this in front of my boyfriend.

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  • If he doesn't like it , he's gay ! Honestly though , do you like watching yourself masterbate ? My wife loves to watch herself, and smells her own panties. If you're hot you're hot!

  • You really should do this in front of your boyfriend. You might be pleasantly surprised at how much it turns him on. Most men love this kind of stuff, and so few women are willing to do it.

  • Your boyfriend might like the slutty side of you. I wish my girlfriend could be like that

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