Turned roommate's girlfriend into prostitute

This is 99% true (changed a few details for privacy)

My roommate moved out of my place and into a fancy apartment with his girlfriend. Then she got laid off. He was getting frustrated with her and complaining about having to pay all the bills on his own. She decided to make some spending money doing small jobs while she applied for real jobs but lots of the responses were from guys wanting to buy her panties from her. She asked me about it and (after some encouraging) she decided to try it out.

She would meet them in the bar down the street from her apartment, trade the panties for cash, and be done with it. Problem was that most of the guys didn't want to exchange in public like that, they wanted to watch her take them off (which she didn't want to do).

Eventually I sent a couple guys her way (which she appreciated) but I told her they wanted to see them come off her and see her enormous tits, so she would have to strip in a bathroom for the guys. She wasn't thrilled about it but agreed and ended up meeting those guys a couple more times until they began offering extra money if she would use her hands and mouth on them. She refused, so they stopped showing up. In fact, right about then no one wanted to meet because they were all interested in more than just the panties. So she just stopped doing it... until rent was due again and she was freaking out about being broke.

She was almost crying, begging me to find her some guys for quick cash. I told her it was actually kinda hard to find guys that paid what she was asking and would respect her wishes of only selling panties without any touching. She said she understood and that she would be willing to use her hand and her mouth but she wanted more than she was charging before.

So I gave her a day and time (but didn't actually bother lining anyone up). So no one showed up and she was pissed and even more worried, especially because she had to make up fake plans to get out of the apartment and away from her boyfriend to do the meets. I did this a couple more times and she finally asked me why no one was showing up. She was frustrated and ready to give up.

I told her that I was having to talk the guys down to just hands and mouth because what they really wanted was sex... and that she was asking a lot of money even if she were including sex (two hundred). She reluctantly agreed but said she wanted five hundred, she had to see their photo before hand, and they had to use condoms... again I didn't bother finding any guys and I waited a week.

She was freaking out a lot and said she needed at least a few hundred right away and to do whatever I needed to make it happen. I lined up a few guys and let her use my place to meet them. She kept asking for photos of them so I kept stalling right up until the meeting. Then I told her that the only guys I could find insisted on finishing inside her and they would only be paying eighty to one hundred. She wasn't happy about that but she agreed.

She ended up meeting multiple guys, answering the door naked or nearly naked. She never knew their names or what they looked like before meeting them. Every single one unloaded inside her and she went home to her boyfriend with their cum still in her pusy. She met a few that she found on her own as well and she even used her mouth on a few job interviews to try and get a high paying office job. After that she stopped completely. Her boyfriend will never know.

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  • Wife confession. 10 years while visiting her grandmother in a nursing home she befriended this old WWII vet --- he'd lure her to his room to show her old pictures and to feel her up. She says she probably shouldn't left him do that but WTF. One day he says It's my 90th birthday. She what can I get you. and he says how about a blowjob -- I had not had one an appreciative French girl in 45. She like the guy and gives him the BJ. She should have known no guy is happy with one. She gives him 15 or so more over the next 2 years. The reason she tells me is that he left her $30,000.

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