Bachelorette confession

I sucked and fucked a stripper at a private bachelorette party while the other girls cheered and whooped, he then fucked some of the other girls after me when he was ready to go again. Who else has done this...any stories to tell?

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  • I've only been to one bachelorette party with a stripper. It was a small party, just 6 women including me, and the guy we hired to strip wasn't even a pro stripper, but a male friend of one of the other girls who knew him from her local gym. He was a body builder, really firm and hot.

    We enjoyed seeing his bod and took turns playing with his cock. I took a few selfies of me with his dick in my mouth haha. One of our friends was horny af for him, and got fucked on the couch. I'll never forget the sight of her dripping his load.

    The rest of us were more or less on our best behavior, aside from cock sucking, but we had to turn on the fans, because it was hot in there!

  • You naughty girl

  • Went to a bar one night when I was traveling in NYC. Bachelorette party there and I start chatting one of them up. Cute girl with great tits and nice booty. SHes pretty drunk and is pulling away from her friends. I said You wanna get outta here? She’s says fuck yeah.
    We go to her hotel and I’m eating her pussy making her go crazy when her friend comes in. It was a king size bed but they were sharing rooms. I started pulling back and she says no don’t stop. Pulls my head back down and the other girl is going to the bathroom or something.
    She finally orgasms and pulls me up. I’m getting ready to fuck her and the other girl gets in bed with us. I’m a little freaked out but the girl reaches over and puts her hand on my ass, encouraging me to fuck her friend.
    Those girls were hot.

  • My wife’s gorgeous friend named Stacy R actually took one of the dancers back to her hotel room which was right next to my wife’s. My wife said she could hear her moaning hard the rest of the night. I asked her if he was huge and wife said very huge that’s why she took him to her room. Next morning Stacy asked my wife is she was loud and my wife played it off and so no why?
    She was the bachelorette and her soon to be new husband would have been so pissed at her. She looks like Pamela Anderson and is very sexy and always gets stares.. to this day after I see her I jack off knowing of all the dancers she picked the black guy was the guy she decided to cheat with mmmmmm..

  • Funny how I came across this, I broke up with my bf the night before. Needless to say I needed a good fuck, so when they approached me, I told him I was willing to go all the way, and boy did he ever

  • Last summer I was a bridesmaid for a friend. She and her man didn't want bachelor/bachelorette parties before the wedding, but a co-party with bridesmaids and groomsmen after one of the wedding rehearsals. We were all drinking and getting loose, when we saw one of the bridesmaids getting eaten out by one of the groomsmen in the back of the room. That changed the vibe, and a couple of us got laid that evening. My husband wasn't around, but I fucked the bf of one of the other girls. She was getting laid by someone else, so she didn't mind. He was a great screw.

  • Got really drunk at my bachelor party my soon to be wife had her bachelorette party same night. I just drank and had fun and my friends dropped me back off at my apartment it was very casual bachelor party. I was passed out on my couch and heard someone knocking on the door of my apartment. I answered it and Jesica my soon to be wife’s best friend grabbed my cock thru my boxers. She started kissing me and I started kissing her we was moving toward my room very fast. My boxers off and she had tore off her clothing she’s a little petite girl and I picked her up throwing her on my bed. I fucked her brains out thru the night into the morning when I woke up I asked her why she came over. She giggled saying Kim my soon to be wife told her I had a thick cock she asked if she mined sampling me and said sure. I didn’t really buy her story and figured I would never talk about this ever again. We got married and had a great honey moon and a few weeks after we got back. My wife asked me if Jesica was a good fuck I froze she laughed and said it’s fine telling me told her to enjoy me. Still I was nervous and embarrassed it was awkward I said yeah she was wild but I was pretty drunk to remember much. My wife laughed saying well guess you can give another go she said you gave her an orgasm she’s never had one during sex. I didn’t know what to say I just laughed and said your crazy to my wife she laughed. We never talked about it again while Jesica is very sexy I dont know why I didn’t ask for seconds. I’m weird I guess

  • Lucky man bro! Your wife has given you the ok for Jessica carta blanca!! Go for it and tell us how it goes down.

  • My experience is different as I was a stripper through college and for a few years after. I thought when I started that the clubs were where things would get rowdy but nothing compares to a bachelorette party. I starting bringing condoms after my first bachelorette party because I actually got someone pregnant at the party. I actually posted a confession about it.

  • Fuck, I hope some of these stories (or all of them) are made up. Last month my wife went to a friend's bachelorette party, and she said there were a couple of strippers, but she said they were goofy and really comical. She said they weren't hot at all. Yet I noticed that her lipstick was smeared a little when she came home. I hope she wasn't sucking dick--or worse.

  • Ask her what their cocks were like. Goofy or not, the broads are going to get loose and suck and fuck all night given the chance.

  • Sweetie I hate to be the one to tell ya, but she probably did do something. Peer pressure is a bitch or she just wanted too

  • So many skanks try to ustify their cheating ways. Nothing but a bunch of nappy crotched hoes trying to prove something fucking the male prostitutes and many are paying for the privilige of acquiring the latest strain of antibiotic resistant STD like the super gonorrhea going round in Asia. Karma is a bitch ladies and it will get back at you.

  • At my bachelorette party, we went to dinner, then back to the penthouse suite for some entertainment, 8 girls and 5 male dancers, my mom started it, by stripping, and blowing one of them, then the next girl gave him, then they started to lead the other girls into the room, and they finally made their way to me, I pretended to be shy, but once I was alone, all bets were off. But to my surprise at my wedding, I discovered the 2 guys I was with that night was my husbands cousins. And that the family has no clue what they do on the side. They both approached me and said we can do it again, or right now.

  • What?

  • I did a similar thing at my bachelorette party, I had sex with a hot bartender from the strip club, not a stripper. I’ve only cheated twice once before and once after we got married

  • Would you do it again?

  • Some years ago there was quite a lot of male strippers touring and doing there shows all over the country, Some quite famous professional entertainers But some not quite in the same class , My wife went to see the latter when she came home from one of these shows one night she had a souvenir tea shirt in her hand , All she ever told me was one of the strippers put his big penis on her face , But she has always kept quiet about that night won't talk about it , Reading this his making me think what may have happened to her that night she certainly did not look has tidy when she got home has when she first went out ?

  • She fucked.

  • I got drunk and cheated on my husband on our honeymoon. I wrote a confession here some time ago.

  • Thats so hot lol

  • It was the greatest sexual sistuation of my life. Thank you

  • What is the name of your confession? Have you cheated again?

  • I can't remember the exact name but it was something like honeymoon cheat and yes I have

  • I would love to hear more..

  • C'mon we would all love to hear more

  • I will email you from my fake email address if you leave your email address



  • Sent you one too

  • :)

  • Okay I sent you a message

  • I never got anything... :(

  • Look again

  • I've been to a few bachelorette parties, but none with male strippers. At one we played a fun game, though. The bride to be broke out a rubber penis modeled on some porn star's rig and gave out a $50 gift certificate to Victorias Secret to the woman in the room who could do a deep throat of all of it. I think it was maybe 9" and totally thick. None of us could do it, but I came in second place!

  • Haha I went to a party like this once, but we could all deep throat. We played other games and added that prize, but it was funny watching the product hostess react to all of us just gulping down the giant strap on. Haha

  • I bet that was awesome!

  • Bet you looked good doing it ;)

  • I'm a male stripper, and I've fucked lots of MILFs and brides when they get drunk and the others egg them on. The drunk skanks can't seem to get enough. I really like the button tight looking conservative ones, since when they let loose all that pent up sexual energy needs to be released. And yes, its the older ones that really go crazy.....all those unbalanced hormones raging and their hubby long quit fucking them. I never give them my number either, So if a few younger ones got preggo so be it.

  • I hear you bro, I strip too and the hottest thing I did and saw was after unloading in the brides mouth her soon to be MIL came over and kissed her and the DIL gave the MIL a snowball of my cum. Whoaaa!!

  • So you nut inside them all as well?

  • I sure do but not always. I’m sure I knocked up some of the 40 something conservative bitches and it’s wonderful thinking about it. Wish I could see the looks on their faces when they find out.

  • What an absolute prick you are, no consideration for the girls what soever I really , really hope you get a giant dose of the jack but then you would be a real cunt and just keep doing it wouldn't you ARSEHOLE

  • Hey, I’m just giving them what they want. It’s on them not me. Think I would ever pursue some of the old hags on my own. Fuck no. They want fucked and nutted inside I’ll do it with a smile then they tip me.

  • That’s so hot. That gets me off right away. My husband had a vasectomy, you would’ve loved the look on his face when I told him I was pregnant.

  • So when is the divorce?

  • You naughty slut ;)

  • Good for you! And I agree. My personal favorite are the religious ones. This violates their conscience which I think adds to their angst. And when they break out, they really break out!

    Pregnancy is a very healthy and wonderful state.

  • My goal one day is to ass fuck one of these women while their friends watch. I’ve come close but no deal yet

  • My future MIL hosted a bachelorette party for me and one of my thoughts at the time was that it was going to be very sedate. I went along with it thinking that my girlfriends and I would do an unofficial one again at a club. I was floored when three strippers showed up and my MIL was cheering them on in the front. She was the first one pulling down the front of their outfit and sucking on them all. She would yell that they were not hard enough and suck and stroke them. Later on she was over to the side sitting in a chair sucking on one of the biggest ones I had ever seen. I watched as she gagged on his orgasm eagerly trying to swallow all of it. She told me about two hours later that I better be enjoying this because she would hate to see me cheat on my marriage. She was not cheating because her husband had left her and married a younger woman but I do not think she had any regrets about it.

  • I'm a fairly straight guy and I think I would suck all those dicks and take those loads in this type of scenario

  • Lord, you watched your mother-in-law gag on stripper cum? Did you ever tell your husband?

  • Did you have any fun?

  • At a bachelorette party for a good friend, she got pretty drunk and let the stripper get friendly . He was grinding on her , playing with her breasts from behind her. This went on for a while before she was sitting in her chair with him standing in front of her. Next thing you see his hands on her head and everyone was cheering as she sucked his cock. Unfortunately for her someone was recording with her phone and sent it to her fiance' who promptly called the wedding off.

  • Serves her right for being a backstabbing, peer pressure quaking, cheating skank

  • One of my wife's bitch friends took a video of my wife getting dp at my wife's bachelorette party. My wife and I are open, the downside was pretending there was a problem, the upside I got a homemade video.

  • What a spoiled sport! Serves him right not to have a hot wife.

  • I had a crazy time at my best friend's bachelorette party. We went clubbing, bar hopping and by the end of it we were completely trashed. My friend and I ended up having a thrawesome with a guy we met at one of the club's. She felt so guilty about it afterwards but never told her husband.

    So for their first year anniversary we made up to him for it by giving him a threesome for their first year anniversary. Had a few more since then too.

  • When you sucked him I just want to know if you let him cum in your mouth?

  • I’ve swallowed behind gas stations, if she didn’t swallow a stripper she’s useless.

  • The only bachelorette party I went to where people had sex was one without strippers. No guys. As gag gifts, a couple of people gave the upcoming bride dildos or vibrators. We were drunk, and we tried them out. It was also my first girl-on-girl experience.

  • That is so hot!

  • Lmao! No! Why would you pay a man to fuck?! I’ve watched other women suck off the stripper, and laughed about it with the other bachelorette party guests. But have I ever been foolish enough to pay a man to give him a blowjob? No!

  • S. L. U. T !

  • Yeh like meagan markheel

  • I got really drunk at a strip joint once as my partner was ignoring me.

    Somehow I ended up in a back dressing room sucking a stripper's dick, but I was so drunk I cannot recall how I ended up there.

  • I also was at a bachelorette party , it got crazy the guys were totally hot. They wouldn't do any sexual things unless they were paid. So I met them outside and paid them. They laid me down along the side of my friends house in the grass and fucked me like mad men. I was so completely sore and felt guilty that night when I was in bed with my husband.

  • Have you never met a man before? Why pay for it? Are there really this many stupid women?

  • What? It is her money, she can spend it any way she wants.

    You pay for sex because it gives you the control in the situation, and the opportunity to be with someone you may not otherwise attract.

  • Thank you for sticking up for me , just so everyone knows the guys were completely hot and had incredibly hot bodies. It was a once in a lifetime chance for me to be with guys like that.

  • "They"? How many of them were there? Did they were condoms or did you take them bare?

    I am also curious as to how much you had to pay.

    TOTALLY HOT story.

  • There was two of them and I paid $150.00 ea and it was soooooo amazing

  • I'm sorry but they did use condoms , but they were all ripped up so it was like not using them.

  • Im sorry, what? The condoms were ripped up? What does that mean? They were literally torn? And why use them at all at that point?

  • They got ripped as they used them

  • Very hot!

  • Thank you

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