Night out with Wife

We went out on a dinner date and usual went into a few bars. Had awesome time and my wife had one too many. So we decided to call it a night it was late getting into 1am. We got an uber and got picked up. Wife was in the front passenger didn’t want her to vomit. While driving the uber driver was looking my wife’s legs. She had a skirt on so they were pulled back a bit more when she sat down on the seat. Was exposed I didn’t mind. I thought I would let the driver see her legs and get excited.
While he was driving and I was on the phone chatting to some friends. I asked the driver, do you want to touch them. He said no a few times. I said its ok. You can if you want. He said no. I was ok man. You were looking so I thought I would offer. He looked again and asked me. You don’t mine. I said no. Wife was asleep. I shook her she didn’t wake up. So I said to the uber driver. You can if you want I won’t force you.
He touched her and was getting more comfortable. I said she is not wearing panties man. So go ahead and touch it. Put your finger inside if you want. I reached out to my wifes skirt and pull them back more for him.
We got home. I asked him to come inside. I took my wife inside in the livening room and laid her on the big bean bag on her tummy. I asked the driver come inside and let’s have some fun. I asked him to pull her skirt up and eat her out. He ate her out alright. The dude was hungry as fark. He licked her clean all her pussy sweat and all. He asked for a put his penis inside. I said with a condom you can. I got one out of the room and I watched him slowly do my wife.
I said you can cum on her face. But was too late he already come in the condom. He thanked me and all. I asked him if you want to eat her out more you can. He had a rest and went in for seconds and just masturbated his penis. He licked her ass out too. I asked him to spit inside her pussy for me.
He left and then it was my turn.


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  • 1975 I met my wife Beth in a Jersey bar, we were both 18. She was Prom Queen and now a freshman in college. She was across from at the bar smiling, drinking a beer like she was giving the bottle a blowjob. About an hour later she gives me a real one in the parking lot. For 6 months she meets for blowjob dates. I assumed she a virgin, and don't push my luck, happy I'm at least getting bj's from this pretty girl. Come summer she gets a job file clerk, takes a class, her sister Jill moves in. Jill seems hot for me, tells me Beth has a boyfriend. I go out with Jill, no bj's from her. 1 night Beth, Jill and me at the bar- hot summer night. Beth leaves with well dressed older guy in his 40's -- I'm pissed, Jill pissed at me for being pissed. I grab Jan and we go spy on them. Jan goes right up the car window, says she's naked and sucking his dick the size of zucchini. I take a peek -- she right, she's Our BJ Queen now. Jill reports back -- he's fucking her. Peek again, OMG she can't be a virgin. Next day I ask her out on reg date and fuck her too. The guy was her boss - non virgin since 15. Married 40+ years.

  • My wife sometimes takes an Ambien with her wine. Can be like sleep walking. NO inhibitions, VERY open to suggestions, and NO memory. Haven't shared her like this but thinking of letting a guy taste her pussy and cum on her like this. Here is a vid I have posted of her pussy when she took her Ambien. My email is if you would like to see more and perhaps hook up.

  • Great I want my wife to get fucked by other men to

  • We were a carload in a taxi and I was in the front short skirt and hubby was slightly drunk with our friends in the back. The cab driver was fingering me the whole time and I can't stop thinking about him?

  • Nice. That's kinky. Did you have panties on? If you did you should have given it to him as a memory. Have you done this before or first time?

    My wife got done again by the same driver. Same story night out, drunk. Driver met us at my place and did my wife in bed.

  • It happened quite frequently when I was a schoolgirl. My parents would send me to school in a taxi when they were too busy to drive me. I'd always sit in the front seat.

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