What do you suggest i do?

I'm a married woman in my early 50's. My husband is almost 10 years older, but definitely doesn't look his age.
We've been together for over 30 years and in the beginning I was a virgin, but soon came to love sex and wanted it very regularly, which pleased my man, as you can imagine. But in later years I find that I need sex less and less but hubby wants it more and more. Its like my libido has deserted me and gone to him.
I do occasionally have sex with him but mostly I just get him off by hand. If i talk dirty to him he enjoys it more and cums so much quicker so its a win win situation for me as I can get back to nonsexual activities quicker and his sexual perversions are satisfied for a few days.
I knew hubby watched porn on line and masturbated to it but it wasnt until I walked in on him by accident that i found out that his interest in porn extended to gay porn. Other more regular hetro stuff too, but it was the gay porn that sort of shocked me.
I asked him about it and he said that although he has never sucked a mans cock and never would, he does fantasize about it. Since then when i give him a hand job I've started calling him a pervert and cock sucker, i pull on his nipples really hard and he gets very aroused by this and if I let him suck my fingers or my old dildo (that i never use these days), he cums so fast and intensely.
He has recently started watching gay porn and wanking off when i am in the room with him.
I love him as my husband but dont feel much sexually for him any more, nor do i feel sexual about anyone else. I dont want to lose him from my lack of interest as our relationship is great on every other level.
My question is should I encourage him to go with guys to fulfill his cock sucking fantasy and take pressure off myself?
Have any other wives dealt with similar problems?


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  • No you must fulfill your duties as his wife and make sex exciting by using your imagination. Get a strap on dildo and take the dominant role in the bedroom sometimes, bring your kinky side out from its hiding place

  • Sounds like you need to cockhold your hubby and maybe that will give you back your need for sex and him a chance to have his desire.

  • Only if you can deal with him being bisexual. Im not in the same boat as you. My wife is a very sexual woman. She found out that I was bisexual long before we got married back when we were teenagers. She's never had any problem with me sucking guy's off or getting fucked by guys. Like I said if you're ok with him having sex with men and your not interested in sex anymore there's no problem. Enjoy life sex is just an act to release stress. Just be open minded about it.

  • Ad another guy to the bedroom for you both to play with

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