Nastiest Tinder hookup

I met up with a guy who messaged me on Tinder for food and drinks. We went to a couple spots and had quite a bit to drink tbh, and I invited him back to my place.

We got undressed and fooled around a little and I started giving him a bj while he was sitting on my bed. I was on my knees and getting into it when I heard his stomach let out the longest, loudest rumble. He laughed and said "sorry" so I kept going. A few seconds later came the wettest fart I've ever heard. It smelled so bad and he apologized and asked me to hold on for a second. I told him it was nbd and he said he'd be right back.

When he got up and walked to the bathroom I saw the wettest poop stain on my light blue sheets. I walked to the kitchen because I honestly thought I was going to barf, and realized there was A WET DROP OF SHIT ON MY CARPET. He was literally pooing as he walked to the bathroom. I put a bag on my hand and picked up what I could, then went on my balcony to get fresh air.

He came out a few minutes later, apologized and said he wasn't feeling well, and I told him it was nbd. When he left I unloaded a whole can of air freshener in the bathroom, but I did notice he cleaned my toilet, which was troubling, but I'm glad he did tbh. Havent' heard from him since.

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    My condolences to your carpet, your nose, and your toilet. Hopefully you had a good lay since, and this whole ordeal is far behind you!

  • Fucking gross. Thanks for sharing.....

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