Wife want go on a camping holliday next year not that i worried as bit turn on for me but she dont know when in tent light on that ever thing can be seen tell or not

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  • I take wife Jill for a ride in the country, when we're just out of the city I have her naked, playing with her pussy. Truckers can see her big tits. We get to the Game Lands, it's not hunting season -- so it's usually just us. I walk her naked ass a mile to grassy spot with with a 50 mile view and fuck her brains out. Once a game warden reminded us that nudity was legal but lewdness wasn't.

  • I would think she'd figure that out pretty quick on her own, unless she's a complete moron.

  • No I'm sute walking about she notice but she pushing her self to see how far she go as want go nudist camp next year both walking holding hands seeing her turn heads and both fantasy of dogging so hope find quiet spot but to quite spot as want have couples etc spy on us even lie down next us

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