Dear Mr Rivers...

Dear Mr Rivers, you know that person you refer to as the office idiot well he’s been fucking your wife.
Remember four months ago when you said if I don’t stay behind and help I better start looking for a new job, as you know I did stay and help I also helped myself to your neglected wife (my line manager) we stayed till 2am that night putter your cock up of a decision right.
You’re wife has told me all about you and I can’t blame her letting me fuck her, I know it’s just sex but we our both enjoying it, I’m surprised how big her tits are, once out the bra they are big! And do you know what you’re dirty bitch of a wife did today, she trimmed her pubic hair and mailed them to me, received them this morning at work, left side second draw down if you don’t believe me.
Oh remember when you planned lunch for your anniversary and cancelled, that was the first time I fuck your wife in my flat, been fucking each other there ever since, it’s not much of a flat a bit untidy I know but sure beats fucking in the office I’m starting to get sore knees.
Anyway I would like to thank you Mr Rivers for wanting me to stay on and help four months ago I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself and long may it continue.
Just so you know I’ll be fucking your wife bald pussy tonight, can’t wait and nor can she.
PS: your wife really doesn’t like you

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  • Great story, good luck.

  • Savage

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