Poor boy, wish I knew him now!

I’ll never forget what I saw as a 16yo girl I’m now 27 and I still think back.
It was my last day of school everyone in a happy mood I remember what was planned as a joke, the boys had planned to tie up one school kid and pull his trousers down, the boy was a really quiet skinny nerdy looking he was always getting picked on I feel really bad now as I was part of the gang that always went a bit to far with things.
End of the day the boys got hold of him tied him to the football courts fence and as planned pulled his trousers and y fronts down! The pointing and laughing quickly stopped and people started walking away, he had the biggest cock I had ever seen it hung down so far and it was thick, I thought he had something wrong with his cock because of the size as I walked past him I looked again and he was big.
I would so love to have a cock that size inside me.

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  • I was at a frat party years ago during my college days and when I wandered around down stairs they had two freshman tied up to a pole back to back. I looked on thinking what a couple of idiots letting these guys do this to them, I figured they would get untied sooner rather than later but like two hours later they were still down there and now their pants and shorts were at their ankles. One of them was getting sucked on by this woman but they had no idea who was doing it because they were blindfolded. I had to admit it turned me on seeing these guys played with like that and years later I asked my husband if I could tie him up. I had so much fun doing what ever I wanted to him, no pain of course but I tickled him, sucked and rode him, I sat on his face and pulled on his cock hard telling him to lick me. He loved it all and we have done it quite a few times and it gets me turned on every time.

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