My wife was in the hospital after having surgery. Her mother came to stay for a few days and I have no idea why. This woman is a skinny self-righteous bible thumping know-it-all when in fact she knows very little about the bible. She claims to be a ‘Good Christian’ but being raised in the south is a bigot. She hates blacks and Mexicans that’s where her daughter learned it. They think that all blacks and Mexicans are ‘dirty animals that want to rape white women!’ she even went as far to say that “having their penis and seaman inside her would be a sin and she would go to hell!” that made me laugh.
I was in bed this Saturday summer morning after a long hard week and I just waking-up when I heard a knock on the door. ‘Who the fuck?’ I thought as I propped myself into a sitting position. Without waiting for a reply my mother-in-law pushed her way in. I was half laying half sitting naked with my right knee pulled up and the sheet barley covering my obvious morning wood. And I mean barely. I could see the head of my cock from my angle. I made no move to cover up as I asked her, somewhat annoyed what she needed. She mumbled something while exchanging glances between my face and my crotch. I do remember the conversation was something that could have waited and it certainly didn’t need to be as long as it was. Since her attention was not on my face, as we spoke, I put my hands behind my head and covertly used my left foot to very slowly pull the sheet down.
After a few minutes the head of my cock was exposed to her. I could tell that she could see it by the widening of her eyes and the distraction in her voice. She said nothing about it and made no effort to leave the room. I made no effort to cover up. I pretended I didn’t know I was exposed. Flustered, she continued to ramble on about nothing of importance as I continued to very slowly pull the sheet down along the shaft of my very hard cock. I was enjoying making her uncomfortable.
As I continued to test her to see when she would be shocked or insulted and leave the room my sheet continued its decent until it rested on the tops of my thighs exposing my cock and balls. Anita was mesmerized as her eyes were wide and fixed on my cock while I was answering one of her questions. She made no attempt to hide the fact that she was staring.
As she began to ask another question, I kicked it up a notch and began to stroke my cock slowly as she gasped and stammered out her next question. I interrupted asking “do you like what you’re seeing?” “you’re big!” she observed. “you may as well come and sit next to me. You will have a better vantage point.” Without saying a word, she sat on the bed next to my hip and adjusted her posture to watch as I stroked. “Do you like doing that?” she asked “Yes! It feels good! I do it as often as I can when your daughters’ mouth, pussy, ass or tits is not available to take my cum.” I confessed. That flustered her even more and confused her a bit.
“Did you say her ass and her tits?” she asked with a dumbfounded look on her face. “Yes! Sometime I put my cock between her tits and she pushes them together and I fuck her tits until I cum on her face and neck. Other times I just fuck her in the ass.” “You do that to my daughter?” she pursued. “Yes, and much more.” I informed her as I continued to stroke my cock. “More? What else?” she continued with a morbid curiosity. She was not going to quit and I was having fun shocking her mother.
“Well, let’s see! sometimes I make her take off all her clothes in public, spread her legs and show her naked body and spread pussy to strangers. Another time she went with her girlfriend to buy some cocaine from a dealer, she knew but didn’t have any money. She told me there were 5 guys there and he told her he would give her some coke if she stripped naked and sucked his cock. So, she did! Your daughter is a whore that does whatever I tell her to do.”
I began jerking in earnest while she just stared until I shot my load all over my stomach. When I was done, I said “Anita, get me a wet cloth from the bathroom.” Speechless she stood and headed for the bathroom soon returned with the wet cloth. I was still hard when she returned. She reached her hand forward as if to offer me the cloth. “NO! you do it! Clean me up!” again without a word she sat next to me and using only two fingers maneuvered my cock around until she was satisfied all the cum was gone. I hope she got an eye full. She stopped to admire her work still staring at my cock. “Wrap your hand around it!” I ordered. ‘You want me to hold it?” she asked. “I want you to do more than that! Grab my cock!” She tentatively reached out and took my cock firmly in her hand. “Now jerk me off and make me cum again!” “you just..” she started. “Just do it!” I interrupted.
She turned toward the nightstand and took the baby oil to lubricate my cock. She was gentle and good as she stroked me. After a few minutes I startled her by saying “suck my cock!” her eyes widened and she started shaking her head no. I reached behind her head and with minimum effort guided her face down until the head of my cock was brushing her lips where she paused and resisted. Some of my cum made it to her top lip as she spoke “I don’t like doing that its nasty…” while her mouth was open and she planned to continue speaking, I grabbed hold of my cock with my left hand and aimed it toward her mouth and with my right forcefully shoved her mouth onto my cock to her throat. “mmm” was all she managed and gagged. “now suck me and massage my balls until I cum in your mouth and do not spill a drop!” Anita did as commanded as I opened her blouse and exposed and played with her nipples and tits. As it turns out she was a better than average cock sucker. She never spilled a drop of my massive load.
When she finished I still wanted more. “Take off your clothes!” I ordered. “I am a married woman!” she protested. “Yeah, one that just sucked my cock and swallowed my cum! Now strip!” she started to protest again so I sat up in bed and yanked down her pants and panties and forced her face down on the bed. I pulled off the rest of her clothes and rolled her on her back. “Spread your legs!” I ordered. “she looked at my newly erect cock and opened her legs. I knelt between her legs and said “beg me to put my cock in your cunt! Beg me to fuck you!” still staring at my cock she said “I want to know how you feel inside me. Please have sex with me!” “Not what I said” I corrected. she looked disgusted. “please put your big cock in my cunt and fuck me. You can use my cunt!” she said. “Much better!” I said as I pushed my cock in her surprisingly wet, hot and tight pussy. “Oh my God your big!” she said as I pushed myself inside her. I banged her pussy hard until she came hard. As she came down off her orgasm I rolled her over and without preparation spread her ass and forced my cock up her ass. She screamed into the pillow. “OH MY GOD THAT HURTS!” I fucked her ass hard for about 10 minutes then had her suck my cock. While she was sucking me I got on my knees and put my head on the bed and ass in the air and told her to lick my asshole clean. Surprisingly enough she didn’t protest. She licked and sucked my asshole while jerking my cock. When I was ready to cum I told her to suck my cum out and not to spill a drop. I told her that she is a good cock sucker and a good little whore.

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    • I worked with Larry, a young engineer. We'd go out to my van and have sex at lunch time and again after my shift ended. My daughter had to bring my ID care because I left at at home, Larry saw her and his eyes lit up. He asked how old she was, I told him she's sixteen soon to be seventeen. He would ask about her from time to time. There was no hiding his interest in her. When she turned eighteen and graduated high school a week later, he asked if he could ask her out.
      I told him if he dates my daughter we can't meet up in my van any longer. We had sex in my van twice a day for the next couple weeks before he asked her out. I wasn't sure about her dating a 26 year old man but what the hell, here I was 37 and having sex with him.
      They dated a bit and seemed to hit it off. Problem was, I was pregnant by Larry. We talked, he said we'll do whatever I decide.
      I told him not to stop seeing Carol, my daughter, I'd deal with my issues. I told my daughter I was pregnant, it was just a guy from work which was the truth. By the time I was 7 months my daughter told me her and Larry eloped, she was pregnant. She was excited saying "mom, our kids will be about the same age, they can grow up together. Well that did not excite me at all. I gay Larry a piece of my mind, I can't help it, I was pissed off because he got now just any mother and daughter pregnant, it was me and my daughter. I didn't stay mad, Larry is just the type of guy you can't stay mad at plus what's don't is done, he's my son in law now.
      I had a boy, 5 months later she had a boy. Carol stayed at home so she took care of the kids. They are both ten years old now, Carol doesn't know her husband got me pregnant. She has made remarks how Larry Jr (her son) and Glen (my soon) could almost pass for twins. I told her they get that from me because my daughter looks like me and neith boy looks much like Larry...yet.

    • Christian Bible thumping women are some of the biggest closet whores around...

    • So your mom was a church-going slut?

    • I fucked my mother in law long before I fucked her daughter, and that continued right up until a week before she passed away suddenly. The wife never knew, still doesn't. It all started when she walked into my bedroom, hot day so I was naked on the bed. She started to leave, all embarrassed, I told her to finish up, she had brought in some laundry, said nudity was NBD. She giggled, said "looks pretty big to me." So I asked her if she wanted to touch it and she giggled again and did. Her husband had given up on sex years before and she was still hot to trot, she told me it had been 10 years since she was last fucked. 24 long years of at least once a month, she would call to have the come "fix" something at her house, code for a roll in the hay. She was hot,. hotter than her daughter even.

    • My story is not quite as involved but last year my separated mother-in-law stayed with me when wife was away for a week. She was a church lady who, up until that point, had never said or acted in any way sexually. She was medium height, gray short hair and slim build, nothing special. It was one evening after dinner that the wine started and loosened lips! There was a show on the TV about sex, relationships and mild kinks (light bondage, role play etc). Our talk got around to it and before we knew we were discussing things where I told here that her daughter liked to dress up as a teen schoolgirl and get spanked followed by sex while bent over a table. She seemed a shocked by it and she said that she had never done anything other than straight missionary sex but I'm not sure that I believed her. One thing led to another and she ended up by giving me, she said later, her first ever blow job. I didn't cum in her mouth because I told her that I was close so she stopped and I had to finish myself by hand. The cum went over her dress top (we hadn't fully undressed). She then wanted to clean up the cum but I said that we should go upstairs. I think that she thought that I meant to the bathroom but I guided her to the spare room, kissed her and undressed her completely. She didn't resist or say anything. I also undressed, my cock starting to stiffen again, and we lay on the bed. Ten minutes later I was on top and in her. This time the cum went to the right place, deep inside. Over the week she tried cowgirl and doggy as well as me giving her oral. I even got her to give me a blow job with cum in mouth in the car one evening (she didn't like the taste!). At the end of the week my wife came home and mother-in-law went home. As far as I know nothing has ever been mentioned about it. Now sometimes when having sex with my wife I think about her mother, something that I'd never done before.

    • Wasn’t my mother in-law but it was a mother/wife who was my co-worker. She always claimed to be a good Christian lady, always dressed appropriately, barley showing skin, never flirted, didn’t curse, went to church every Sunday, always volunteering at the church and hospital, and of course watching the kids games, and helping with their homework. We traveled together on a business trip, and out of the blue, she shows up at my room and said wanna have sex? Of course I did. She has been the kinkiest female I have ever been with. She’s willing to do anything, but never says it or text it. I get one nude pic everyday, and one selfie everyday. We have sex everywhere, in her minivan, at her home, at the job, the park, she lets me tie her up, and fill her pussy to go home. The best was her giving her hubby a sleeping pill and then we had sex on their bed with him sleeping there

    • Didja fuck her in church ? C'mon, slick, be a fuck everywhere kind of boy, or just stay home.

    • I believe I could talk her into the church, but I don’t think I could do it.

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