Old yahoo chat rooms

I posted this on Fetlife but i thought you guys would enjoy. When I was 13 I would get home from school earlier than everyone else. I used to get on yahoo messenger and join the chat groups under school and education. There were always older men on there who wanted to chat with younger girls. It turned me on so much. I started chats with a lot of them letting them know my age and they would want to video chat me. This is when webcams first came out. my household didn’t have one yet but we did have a mic. So the older guys would send me video chat request with them naked. I would talk with them and have them tell me all the things they want to do to me. Then I would ask them if they wanted to hear me masturbate with the mic. So I would stick the mic up my pussy and masturbate with it while they masturbated to the sound. I would do this almost everyday before everyone got home. I always wanted to tell this story but I never found the appropriate place to do it since I was underage when this happened. I never met up with any of these people it all happened strictly online.

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