Experiencing Fun at the Adult Book Store — as she wishes...

As we entered the Adult Bookstore—my gorgeous-hot GF, 49, turned heads (blond,
classy makeup and lips, large 38D’s and a large shapely ass to die for...). In short time we found our way back to the running movies in small rooms; one for gays, the other for straights. We saw only one man—sitting and playing with his cock as he watched the gay movie. He looked up and did a double-take seeing my voluptuous GF.

We elected to sit in the straight room — although I could see the gay seating area through a sheer curtain across the door.

My GF sat down in a chair—but positioned me in front of her in the dimly lit movie-room... She immediately undid my pants, engulfing my then flaccid, yet growing cock. She had no problem beginning her steady mouth-pleasuring of me given 2-glasses of wine during dinner.

It seemed that no time had passed—when the guy on the gay movie-side now appeared moving to our side coming thru the sheer curtain. He then stood next to me, not saying a word, but gazing downward at my GF, slurping the cock she loves. The 40-something guy removed his cock from his jeans. He quickly shook it, hardening it. He rose his proud hot-cock; my GF mere, seeing this she reached with her freehand—feeling him up—and growing him to what appeared as 9 or 10 inches of thick stiffness. She pulled off mouth off me—looked upward at him—telling him: ‘I want your cum splashed on my big tits. Would you like that?’ He moaned a quiet ‘yes.’ She the removed her button down top—revealing a black-lace Bra—cradling plump, eye-candy Tits. She slipped from her bra and moved his hard cock-head to her Nipple and said — “you’re going jack-off and shoot your warm, creamy Cum — right here on my breasts. understand?” He nodded and whispered ‘yes.’

At that, she returned to sucking my cock and helpIng his hand pump and work his cock — he was whimpering and whispering that he wanted
to cum in her mouth... She said ‘that’s not going to happen—it’s reserved for this cock.’ And again she engulfed my cock. Seconds later he grimaced and moaned, pushing forward spewing his load onto her upper chest as she moaned a — ‘Mmm-ummmm.’

Giving witness to and hearing this—I couldn’t hold back — I bucked and groaned as she intensified her mouth-strokes, mumbling ‘give
it to me.’ I climaxed hard — dumping my warm jizz into her wanting mouth as she moaned and gently sucking the head of my now tender cock—finishing me...

Following a bit of routine clean-up and my GF placing her show-off Breasts into her sexy lace Bra — we all departed the Adult book store.

My GF teased me on our forty-five minute drive home — telling me that she should have made me suck our new friends cock — going on to tell me how she was going to do that in the future...

Later, following our shower — she rode my stiffness in our bed — while massaging her clit... She time-and-again told me as she fucked me—how turned on she was—doing what we had done. Yes, yes, yes... Until the next time :)

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