How do I share my Penecostal wife again?

My wife was raised Pentecostal and attends a Pentecostal church, with that said let me get on with my confession. We were traveling from Louisiana to Florida and stop to stay the night at a hotel in between . After getting in our room on the second floor we hear loud music and people talking on the third floor. Wife call front desk to complain hour later still loud music. My wife said she would go take care of it herself. So she goes to the end the the hall and up the stairwell only to find a piece of tape across the door that said caution do not enter. She enters anyway . Half an hour later I get worried and go looking for her , as I open The stairwell door to find people half dressed and dancing, I walk down the hallway in between the people some doors closed with some doors open with people having sex , still I cannot find my wife. Go go downstairs to the front desk to complain and they tell me the floor was rented out by a group there’s nothing they could do. So I’ll go back to the room hoping my wife would be there but she was not. It has been over an hour since I have seen my wife then I hear a knock on the door because she does not have her card. I’ll let her in and asked where the heck have you been? She told me what was going on upstairs , I told her I knew I had been up there looking for her. She said she was talking to some guys about the loud music when they I asked her if she had ever seen anyone have sex ? She admitted she was turned on by the thought of it. She said no she hasn’t and went into the room to watch the two men have sex with older lady . But instead of having sex with the older lady ,They started fondling my wife under her long skirt. Make a Long story short they both had unprotected sex with her with her long skirt . As she was telling me this she started crying because she was embarrassed because she said she enjoyed it but felt dirty and want to take a shower. As she removes her skirt I can see her inner thighs are really red and pubic hair was wet with semen running down her thighs. In the moment that really turned me on and yes I laid her on the bed and I had the best sex of my life. The only problem is I want to do it again but don’t know how , where do you find groups like this I was just lucky and happened upon it. Any help would be appreciated.

2 months ago


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    • Just invite a few guys over and she will probably have all of them fuck her and you can watch. If she is like my wife, once she has had other men and knows that it turns you on, she will want to get fucked every chance she gets.

    • She's easy fuck. If you believe that's the first time she's been fucked by other men then your stupid. If she did as you described then there's no question or anything else. She's a whore buddy. Probably been a whore many times. She would not have a choice. Be your whore or on the street whore either way she's a total fuck slut and your a dumbass for thinking other wise. .enjoy the sloppy used skank you always have been. Obviously she's cucked you for long time. .. ditch the bitch or make her your fucking shared whore. End of dilemma

    • Apparently you just have to leave her alone with an old lady and a couple horny guys, and make sure she is wearing a long skirt.

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