In the bedroom

My wife recently had a car accident and broke her leg in multiple places. She's laid up on the couch and needles to say I'm getting no sex. My 30 year old stepdaughter is living with us, so just the three of us in the house. The other night I decided I needed to masturbate and figured I could do it while laying in the bed before I went to sleep. My wife can't get around so no worries getting caught by her, and my stepdaughter never comes in my room. Even if she wanted to wake me, she normally stands outside the door and yells for me. So no worries getting caught by her. So I pull down my shorts and start stroking myself. I'm laid out on the bed with no coverage and no worries when all of a sudden my stepdaughter comes in the door. I about fucking died as my stepdaughter said "oh my god" and backed out of the room closing the door behind her. She immediately went and told my wife that I was masterbating on the bed. To which I asked her why she didn't knock. Then i told my wife that i have needs. In the end my stepdaughter went to her room while my wife finished me off with a blowjob.

And no, I didn't fuck my stepdaughter. This story is actually real, unlike most the made up bullshit stories on here.

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  • You should try to fuck your stepdaughter, but she sounds like a tattletale. You just need to get something on her, so you can blackmail her into sex.

  • My wife broke her leg while skiing and it did not diminish her sex drive at all, I think in the first few weeks the pain meds made her even hornier. I came home one day like a week afterwards and when she heard me home she yelled out to me to come upstairs now because she needed to be fucked. she was on the bed naked with her bullet vibe buzzing away on her clit. I came home to this several times over the next few weeks and sometimes on the weekends she would just tell me to get naked and let's have sex.

  • My wife gets horny on painkillers too. She broke her arm and the doctor gave her painkillers for the first time in her life. We were sitting in the ER waiting for them to take affect so doc could set her arm. She looks at me and then grabbed my cock with her good hand. I ask what the fuck are you doing. That's when she tells me she's horny and doesn't know why. Later at home we fucked like rabbits all the time. Then we figured out it was the painkillers that made her so horny.

  • But the real question is where you thinking about your stepdaughter while masterbating?

  • Hopefully your has gotten the idea. My wife has ankle issues and been in multiple casts, she loves getting her toes sucked and doesn't let the casts stop her from fucking.

  • Hopefully your wife...

  • Haha! That ending!

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