I’m so attracted to my sister-in-law

I will try to keep this short, I just need to get this out there. Maybe “vocalizing” will help me. My wife “Lisa” is several years older than her sister “Kim”. They could be twins, except Lisa is fair skinned, dirty blonde, and Kim is dark complected and dark haired. Lisa is a bit taller and bigger bottom as well. Their voices even sound the same on the phone. So, I personally get my physical attraction.

There have been many occasions where Kim and I have innocently flirted, and several we may have crossed a line or two. The first was several years back at a Thanks Giving family gathering. We were at Kim’s house, all of our family’s there. We had been there for an hour or so getting ready to eat. I’m sitting in the breakfast nook, chair sideways to the table. My wife being the naughty, sexual creature she is sat down on one leg, scooted back and started wiggling on my cock as she talked to her father. She likes to tease, needless to say I had grown down my pants a bit. It’s not a monster, thick 6” of girth and just shy of 8”. Above average? I don’t think it’s big... Anyway enough about my male insecurities. Lisa got up, to help with dinner, my jeans were just tight enough to keep me mostly hard. After a short time, Kim came and sat down on my leg, my cock was perfectly between her ass cheeks. I jumped a little, shocked, slightly embarrassed. She turned back looked me dead in the eyes and said, “MMMMM” Not loud enough for anyone else to hear. I immediately went fully hard. It blew my mind, her cheeks were so warm wrapped around me. My cock pulsed, jumped a few times, and then she went farther. She scooted back, and leaned forward onto the table. She position her hot soft pussy on the length of me. She does very small forward and back motions. My cock was pulsing, I was close to orgasm, she must have sensed it. She got up and walked away. A short time later I asked if she like that. She just raised her eyebrows, and gave me a sly grin.

A short time later we were talking on the phone. I told her that, “I would like to make love to her. Nothing that felt trashy, because I have feelings for her.” She said, “I have feelings for you too, but I can’t do that to my sister. If she ever found out....”

So I left it at that, stayed in the “friend” zone. There have been some passionate hugs, looks and brushing against since then. I held my ground though and never tried to persuade her again.

Move forward to last summer, our family’s went on vacation together. Lisa and Kim still look great in bikinis although they are more modest styles these days. I ended up on the beach with both Lisa and Kim laying in the sun. Sunglasses were my friend, as my eyes wondered at the beautiful sights. Kim got up from her blanket and sat in her low beach chair pointed at an angle towards me. My wife is laying facing away. Cooler and other beach items between my wife and I. Kim and I are chatting, I noticed how she was setting, that her bikini bottoms had gotten loose. I could see the right side of her outer labia and just a tiny part of her inner labia. My eyes were locked on, and I was really turned on. I wanted her to know I was looking, so I took off my sunglasses. She caught me looking, and closed her legs, look at my wife and we continued talking. Fun over... NO!! Kim grabs her beach bag , and puts on some spray sunblock, leaving her bag blocking the view to anyone else, including my wife’s. She lifts her ass forward in her chair, scoots and wiggles back exposing her gorgeous pussy. Pink, shaved, and a touch of wetness. My jaw drops, I quickly cover any unwanted views with a towel, and expose myself to her. I’m taking it all in, not just staring at her pussy. Her body is great for a woman that does not workout, her skin is so tan and sexy oiled up. Her eyes want to stay locked on to what I’m doing, but she was nervous. Her cheeks flush red, her eyes dart in the direction of my wife, and other unwanted eyes. Back to my eyes with I want you so bad look, then down again for as long as her nerves allow. My cock is throbbing with my heartbeat, “OH KIM”, I think as the feeling builds. The first rope had just enough distance to drape across her toes, the others were wasted in the sand. Now all of that only took five minutes or so. Lisa, the wife woke up very soon after. Kim and I have never spoken of this to each other. Leaving me very confused


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  • She knew you were looking and could tell you wanted more, consider yourself teased my friend...probably just a game of cat and mouse.. she probably used the experience for one of her alone sessions. Exhibitionist fun!

  • Don't be confused, she wants you as much as you want her. Sooner or later you two will be alone and you are going to do the wild thing. All you have to do is to be careful.

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