Dominante man

I'm 29 and a single mom of 2 children. Been separated from ex husband for a year. Just focused on my children and myself. It was the beginning of July, while the kids were at daycare. I getting new tires put on my car and I was in waiting area. Short while later, a heavy set black man came in to get new tires on his car as well. He sat near me. Soon enough he started conversation with him. We talked for over an hour till my car was ready. We had exchanged numbers and social media pages. He kept a good conversation with me. He was 28 his name was jamal and had a nice smile and smelled good.
So we texted for a whole week. Jamal asked if one day we could meet up for coffee, so on my day off while kids were in daycare we met up for coffee. We talked for over two hours we decided to go get lunch together. After lunch we parted ways.
The following week came and kids were going to their dads for the weekend. Jamal wanted to meet up for dinner and I had nothing going on so I agreed. We met up at red Robin. Got their we greeted and went in and had to wait for seating g to me available. While standing their both of us looking at our phones I looked over at Jamal wearing his gray sweat pants and couldn't help but notice a gigantic bulge In the front. I was like OMG. I actually felt myself get a little wet looking at it. I actually saw the print of the head of his cock. Through out dinner I kept thinking about his cock as it has been well over a year at this point since I had a cock inside me. Also the thought that if I fucked this guy it be my 1st black cock I'd ever have.
We finished up dinner and hugged and parted ways.
We kept in contact for few more days. I just kept thinking about Jamals bulge nonstop. I kept thinking and thinking about it. Its been along time since I got some cock. I just kept thinking I got to fuck this man.
As we talk during the week, I asked him what he was doing Friday night since my children are going to their dads for weekend. Jamal said he wasn't doing anything. So I asked him if he wanted to have a date night. He said he would like to.
Friday came, I just kept thinking about this guy and how I'm going to try and fuck him tonight while I'm at work.
Time got closer as I dropped kids off with their dad then went to go home and get dressed.
Met jamal at the bowling ally. We played bowling for awhile and had a blast. We played in the arcade section for awhile as well. It was closing in on 9:30 at night. I was so ready to take this guy back to my place and have sex. So I invite him back to my place.
We get back to my place and ask him if he wants a drink. He says yes. So we ended up having several drinks. It was the moment I been thinking of all week. We share a few shots together and I pull him over for a kiss. We make out for quite awhile. He was an amazing kisser. I whispered in his ear I want you to fuck me. I grabbed his hand and we went to my bed room.
Got in the room continued kissing as we started taking clothes off. He dropped his pants and immediately as we kiss I start rubbing my hand on his cock. He was super hard. I couldn't take it and dropped to my knees and yanked his boxer briefs down to see a super thick cock I'm guessing about 9 inches long and thick like a soda can. I start sucking him. He was enjoying it. Eventually got all my clothes off. Got him into my bed jumped on top his cock and started riding. He really stretched me out. We switched to doggy and he was so dominant and very aggressive. He was so deep and going at it hard. I orgasm few times.
I knew he was getting to the point of cumming. He started pulling my hair and hands on my shoulders. He started grunting a lot more. Finally he said I'm about to cum. He fucks me quicker and quicker and holds me tighter I felt him tense up and released his load inside me. He came very hard. It was amazing. This man had amazing power and stamina. We continued to hook up for two more months after this till he moved to new York with his family. It was an amazing period of sex in my life.

the amount of sex we had with half the time Jamal either cumming in my mouth or on my ass. And the other times jamal cumming inside me. I'm surprised I didn't get pregnant as we didn't use condoms nor am I on birth control. He would always cum hard like a fountain.

Hope I find something like this again.


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  • Sexy story. wife is submissive as well. She also likes a variety of dominant men.

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