Am I doing the right thing?

After we got married my husband and I were in bed after making love talking about our pasts. He told me all his girl friends and his first wife had cheated on him. As he told me everything, I listened and asked about what they did and how he felt. I noticed how his breathing had increased. I hugged him. I wanted him to feel better. Then I noticed he was hard, like really hard. I touched him, wrapping my fingers around him. I looked deep into his eyes and suddenly I realized something important and asked him, “Do you want me to be like them and cheat too?” I couldn't believe his reaction. He was as aroused as I had ever seen him. In the next few days we had several amazing and completely open conversations about his needs and desires. He even admitted his actual interest in cuckolding and showed me stories and articles about cuckolding. After a couple of week of very intimate discussions I finally told him, "Don’t be nervous. My love for you is unconditional. I know you can’t help it. You are who you are. So if you believe being a cuckold epitomizes your inner self. If you know it defines you. You should accept it. You should be proud of it. Your declaration will be the ultimate act of liberation. I promise to enable your every need. I’ll honor and support your proclamation as a symbol of commitment to our relationship and my love will expand in ways you can’t imagine." Am I doing the right thing?

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  • As long as the both of you talk about this thoroughly and know this isn't an act of betrayal and more like using a dildo made out of flesh, then do it!

    If your husband's into the humiliation aspect of it, don't feel guilty. Talk about it a lot before it happens.

    You both have true love that tells convention to go fuck itself!

    Good luck!

  • Are you doing the right thing?


    This is what you're SUPPOSED to do.

    It is Nature's intention that some men step aside as alpha makes take and pleasure their wives as they never could. Of course the cuckolded husband must have some 'pay-off,' and the extreme arousal that you saw accomplishes just that purpose. None of this is accidental. This is the product of millions of years of evolutionary biology. You can't fight science. Understanding what Nature intends to happen is also far more pleasurable for you.

  • Go for it...maybe you both will be happier.

  • There is nothing more loving than a woman having sex with other men to fulfill the desires of the man she loves. Nothing us sexier than a woman who gives up her inhibitions and have sex to enjoy sex knowing that it makes her husband happy.

  • Yep. And take it right up the ass for him.

  • And swallow

  • And try doing all the things, for the bull, that you'd never do for your husband.

  • In time you are to cheat, cheat in front of him, humiliate and deny him of orgasm, laugh and mock him. Yes this is all healthy and natural. Really??!
    WTH is wrong with this? All of it !

  • Yes, what is wrong with two or more consenting adults making a decision?

    I defy you to explain why it's wrong.

  • You are an amazing wife sweetheart. He is very lucky to have you. You are doing the absolute right thing. He will never leave you!

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