I had a affair with a girl i work with.
She is pregnant now.
She says its her husband’s but I’m almost sure
Atleast have a bad feeling it is mine

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  • My husband is always wanting me to cheat on him. I did once in a great while but I'm always afraid of any bad consequences so I have to REALLY like the guy to do that. Anyways, when I first tested pregnant my husband suggested I find a guy I liked and let them THINK that they just knocked me up. I had been seeing an ex off and on and the idea felt great. I went for this ex a lot and to this day he thinks he MIGHT by the father. I tell him he isn't because he isn't my husband. He and my husband look a bit alike so I know why he still wonders about it.

  • How old is she? Is she hot?

  • 28 and yes she’s hot

  • Worth it then.

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