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The last week of my junior year in college (nursing) my roommate and best friend broke both wrists and his right elbow. His mom drove in to tend to his needs during the two surgeries he needed. I helped her quite a bit and she offered me a thousand dollars a week to be his nurse while he healed. I quickly accepted and told the nursing home at home that I didn't need the orderly job I had lined up. (She ended up paying me $7500) I paid off my car and had half the summer off.

I moved in to his mom's house with him and ended up (out of convenience) staying in his bed. Early on he was up and down all night going to the bathroom. I pull down his under wear and he'd sit to see and poop. Of course, I'd then have to clean him.

It didn't take long to get used to touching his junk. And about a week into it, he'd start getting erect when I'd bathe him. We tried ignoring it at first but eventually he was begging me for relief. After having to clean him a couple times from wet dreams i agreed to give him a hand job. I wore gloves at first but eventually barehanded.

No longer embarrassed about it i would tease him by bringing him close and then backing off... I started having fun helping him out and would often initiate it. We'd prop him up in bed, I'd pay my head on his chest and rub him while we watched tv. I wasn't paying attention one time and got "christened.". He thought that was hilarious. Said I would make a great head nurse! I didn't do that... I'm not gay. At least I didn't think so. Never suspected he was!

Seven weeks after his accident i moved home and couldn't stop thinking about the things I did. The week before we went back to school, my roommate sent me a text of his junk saying he can't wait to see me again. I knew my life had changed forever. I was a wreck. My mom hounded me and eventually I told her I might be gay. She said she loves me no matter what and that she thought it was something bad... that she was relieved.

It's been seven years now. I've only been with one man. Yes, I'm the bottom (and never tried the other way). And I am a great head nurse! He makes great money and I work part time just to stay current. I take care of our home and hang out with my mom who's now retired. We have a mixture of lady friends we craft with. Life couldn't be better.

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  • Congratulations, l am happy for you.

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