While you were away

While my boyfriend was on a family vacation out of the country, I went out with a couple of friends. I'm gay and in a very long term committed relationship and take that very seriously. When I was out with my friends one of my girl-friends and guy friends decide to get drunk and go to a party. We stayed at the party for ten minutes and decide to go to my lady friends house. When we get back there's people hanging out at her house so we decide to go talk in the other room. We drunkenly came to the conclusion that we wanted to try and pull a threesome with our other guy friend and we decide that we should take him back to my place since there were a lot of people at hers. While we go back into the main room we start texting each other dirty things we wanted to do to each other. Her roommate( a girl I'd never sleep with drunk or sober) ended up coming back to my place as well as the guy friend and my lady friend which was kinda a damper because we both wanted to try to seduce our straight guy friend into a three way. As soon as we get back to my place. Her roommate and our guy friend decide they are tired and I make a bed to put them up for the night. They instantly pass out. My lady friend and I are so drunk at this point and when I get back to my bed I find her naked and playing with herself. I never thought I'd say this but i got so hard watching her fingers slide in and out of her self. I strip down and we start making out and she drops to her knees and starts to suck me off. This is where things get a little fuzzy but over the course of probably an hour, I fuck her from behind, I Bend her over multiple times and eat her out and the night finished with me cumming all over her chest. She gave probably the best head I've ever had and has made me really question my sexuality of whether I'm really gay or not. The next morning we wake up and we both look at each other in shock that we are naked. It's probably best that my boyfriend doesn't know that we've fucked too. Ultimately this experience has made my friend and I much much closer though I doubt it'll happen again. It was amazing.

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  • Good for you. I support a guy trying the one or two same sex experiments, so a fellow queer trying some pussy deserves the same!

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