So I'm a girl, 18 sharing a University dorm with my roommate . She's the same age as me , we take the same course and have been roommates for about a year now. Let's just say , she's really hot. Beautiful smooth long blonde hair, 32C, hourglass figure and 5foot 6, just slightly shorter than me.

I'm Bi, she's lesbian . We both know each others sexuality. She's always been a friend , never really hit on me before. But things have changed lately.

It first started three months ago, both of us were in bed (our dorm has two single beds, a bathroom and kitchenette) getting ready to go to sleep. I usually wear a nightshirt to sleep while she just wears a sports bra and panties. But for the first time she asked if I would mind her sleeping naked. I said I didn't so she got out of bed and immediately took off her bra and panties. It was my first time seeing her naked and she was really really hot(her pubic hair even shaved).

She walked over to her closet to put back her underwear and before going back to under her sheets. She stopped in front of my bed and actually shook and squeezed her breasts with her hands. I couldn't respond. She just gave a flirty smile then went back to bed.

The next morning I got out of bed and found her having breakfast in the kitchenette naked. I wished her good morning , she did the same , I had a bath and got dressed for the day. I was leaving early because I promised a friend to have breakfast with her that morning.

As I reached the doorstep , my roommate tapped on my shoulder. I looked to her , still naked she asked if I want to touch her. I said yes, then I caressed her breasts before leaving. They felt really good.

I came back late that night , had a few drinks with friends. I called out my roommate's name but no answer, so I assumed she was still out. I took off all my clothes and grabbed my towel and entered the bathroom to find my roommate sitting on the toilet ball naked staring at me.

I was in shock , I couldn't and didn't know how to respond. She stood up, walked towards me and took the towel out of my hands and placed it on the counter. She grabbed me then pulled me towards her and kissed me on the lips. And I .... I liked it, I continued to kiss her. We had a shower together , I scrubbed her body and she did the same for mine.

A while later we were in bed. Getting it on. I'm not good with details. Ever since that day, we've been sleeping with each other and occasionally having sex.

No one else knows about our relationship. We're not dating. Just what some might call friends with benefits.

I write this on my phone in bed naked with my also naked roommate rubbing my clit.

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  • Do you still take cock and suck dick ?

  • I wish I was a fly on your wall to witness that , I’m jealous and im soaking wet reading your story. I wish I had s roommate like that. Keep us posted.

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