Cheating while pregnant

I cheated on my husband when I was pregnant. It wasn't because I was excessively horny, though I did feel a small "spike" in the urge at month 5+. It was just really convenient. I was already pregnant so just screwing a guy was more like having fun. We could bareback and it was carefree. I've given birth, but I'd like to repeat this whole thing again.

1.7 years ago

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    • I've had one baby and I got so excited by other guys besides my husband I couldn't control myself.

    • My wife has given me 3 kids. She messed around each time. She gets really horny when she's pregnant. Its always the same guy. A guy she works with. Our youngest is now 6. I told her she could keep sleeping with him if she wanted. So she does. Not very often. Maybe once or twice a month.

    • Do you also drink alcohol and smoke crack while you are pregnant? Many STDs can be fatal to a newborn baby. If you have N. Gonorrhea, or an active Herpes Simplex infection in your vagina during birth, you will kill your baby, or at least make him/her very ill or cause permant damage. Many sexually transmitted bacterial infections can also migrate past the cervix and harm your baby in the womb, not to mention that if you fuck someone that's HIV Pos, your baby will be infected via your blood. The one time in life that you shouldn't be a bareback slut is when you are pregnant, you selfish cunt.

    • Jesus, she isn't getting gang ganged at truck stops. Calm down.

    • I was pregnant 5 times, and everytime I screwed around on my husband. I only ever did it when I was pregnant and always stopped after I gave birth. I am just extremely horny when I'm pregnant and my husband can't keep up with my needs.

    • Well he gave you 5 kids haha

    • Great give your new born baby a sexual disease

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