My little sister is expecting, she's only a few months pregnant with her husband's baby, and she's already lactating.
Which is a HUGE turn on when we fuck. I also get to go bareback on her since she can't get pregnant for now.

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  • I turned 18 back on 7-4, my mom turns 40 next Thursday 12-27, she's got tits to die for, I wear my Knocker boxerbriefs when I breastfeed, especially since they make my cock throbbed big time. It all started the Friday before 12-7 when I saw my mom in her underwear, I couldn't myself staring when her pregnancy began showing. First she had her back to me, her figure looked slim, then she turned around, I was throbbing hard in my boxerbriefs, when I saw how big her panties were for the first time since her last pregnancy from when I was 11-12, then after I snuck off to my room, she knocked on my door and asked me if I wanted to look at her tummy, I opened the door in my boxerbriefs, and there she was, the high front of her panties stretched well over growing tummy, then she opened up her bra cups, told me to breastfeed, her tits were delicious, last time I breastfed with my mom was back in 2012. I remembered in 2012, my 12th birthday 7-4, my mom just barely started to show, that day we were at a local swim meet, so instead of me going into the men's lockers woth the other boys to shower, my mom told the coach she wanted me with her in the private family locker room for a talking to that it might be awhile even if I do miss the meet, the coach agreed, and I did miss that swim meet, cuz instead of a talking to, my mom lifted up her blouse, and wow, her less than flat tummy, the high front of her short shorts hiding her belly button, her nursing bra, I was in hard cock heaven, especially in my swim meet speedo! Though my mom wanted me to breastfeed, she let me stare at her tummy, and admire her short shorts as I felt her baby, that baby is now my sister, she turned 6 the day before Thanksgiving 11-22. Looking back at age 12, I some times would go in the hamper, try on my mom's maternity panties when she wasn't home, they made my cock hard enough to jizz, I made sure I jizzed in the toilet though, so she wouldn't know the difference.

  • Yes I did breastfeed with my mom on my 12th birthday back in 2012 on July 4th, though I did so at home after we got home from the swim meet, that I never did that day, my mom was 33 back then.

  • I love to suck the milk out of my mom's titties. She will breast feed my little sister who is 5 and then it's my turn. I am 14 and have never stopped feeding on my mom. She will Jack me off while I feed until I cum. Best mom ever!

  • I let my kids decide when to stop breastfeeding. My girls all stopped around 8 years old, but my sons all never stopped. I just breastfed my son in his twenty’s the other day. It’s so intense and intimate, it’s great bonding.

  • I love sucking milk out of my wife's tits but I do not really like the taste. She has feed a couple of friends some of her milk too. They in turn gave her something white to swallow LOL.

  • My wife was always horned up from about month six and onward, I would come home and she would be either fingering herself or using a vibe telling me to get undressed and make love to her now!! The weekends would sometimes be non stop love making and damn, I loved it. She has always rebounded pretty fast as well, after out first one I figured it was no lovin' for a few months but it was like a week afterwards and she came to bed after getting the baby down and climbed right on top of me telling me she really missed my cock. When she was carrying our second one we had sex for hours then went to sleep, she woke me up in the middle of the night telling me it was time to go and had the baby like fifteen minutes after we arrived at the hospital.

  • I love when men like to suck milk from my titties. My husband and I do it constantly, and he’s even let me breastfeed his friends. It’s great to feel a man on each tit. The release is amazing

  • Yes! I’d nurse each day with a wife or GF thst was making sweet milk

  • His breakfast is my milk. :)

  • Wait until her hormones create the super horny stage for her.

  • So true! With all of my pregnancies I just get hornier and hornier. With the twins, I was fucking all day long. I never tired of it.

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