Not enough feeling

I masterbate every single day multiple times a day ever since I was 10. I'm now 30. Somehow I don't have carpel tunnel.
Doing it with lotion feels amazing and ultimately overstimulating, but I can never get to orgasm from it. I always tug dry and as a result I don't get much out of blowjobs. It feels nice but nothing ever cums of it. This always leaves my partners frustrated. Any tips of what I can do about this?

My day never feels complete unless I jerk off so it's difficult not to.

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  • The best thing to do is give your wang a break from the daily stroking. That will allow your nerve endings to become more sensitive. Also, you might look at any medications you might be taking, many drugs, especially anti-depressants, cause decreased sexual function, and the inability to orgasm.

  • I do orgasm. Sorry for not making that more clear. Problem is that only dry tugging gets it done. Thanks for the advice though.

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