Wildest party?

What is the wildest party you've attended? Not a swingers party or a sex party, but one that was regular, but ended up with some clothes coming off.

Many years ago my husband and I went to a party at a neighbor's house down the street. They thew a large one every summer for the people in the neighborhood. It was a BBQ, with people hanging out on the patio, kids playing on the trampoline in the backyard, normal stuff.

I went inside the house to grab some paper plates when the guy hosting the party said there was an "adults only" area of the party upstairs. I asked what that was about, and he just said there was some coke and weed, and that my husband and I could help ourselves if we wanted. I told my husband, and he wanted to check it out, so we went up there.

We got up there and there were two guys snorting blow off of some woman's ass. Her shorts and panties were around her ankles, and she was clearly high as a kite. They let us do a couple of lines too, and asked if we would mind if they rocked a bit. I kinda knew what they meant, but wasn't sure, and just said go ahead.

Well, we watched them fuck, and I felt a mixture of being totally appalled and mesmerized in a primal way. They said we could join them on the bed, and my husband and I talked about whether we could handle it. We had never done anything like that or even talked about it. We agreed to do it that one time, stripped down, and for the next hour we were all entwined and feeling cock, pussy, and tongue. At times I didn't even know which guy was fucking me, as I was busy giving head. People started coming by for a peek and a joint or a line, but we were in our own stoned little reverie. We never did anything like that again, but it was nice.

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  • About 10 years ago I went to a party where in one of the guest rooms I saw a female friend of mine on her knees with her snap-crotch romper undone, sucking her husband while fucking another guy. It was a bit of a shock, and I remember saying something like, everyone having fun here? They just laughed and kept banging away. I watched for about 5 minutes and it was hot. I told my husband about it when I came back down, and he was a little pissed off that he didn't get to see it, lol.

  • I went to a party at a friends house, I am a woman and single. We were all having a really great time, my friend and I have always been close. We have even flirted with each other a little and she kissed me once, I returned the kiss but nothing further happened. She looked at me after a few hours of partying and told me she wanted to show me some new outfits she bought this week. We walked into her bedroom and she told me to come into the closet, it is a room on its own off the bedroom. She turned around as soon as we were in there and started kissing me, I was a little surprised but started kissing her back again. I was wearing shorts with a bikini top and she slid both hands up and pushed my top aside so her fingers could play with my nipples. We were naked in no time and in a 69 on the floor, I have been with other women but this was her first time. We made love for quite some time and then rejoined the party.

  • My wife and I saw a couple of peeps get laid at a pool party once. The guy was putting lotion on his girl's back, but started rubbing her between her thighs. She lifted her ass up for easier access, and before you knew it, he untied her bikini, pulled out his dick, and they started screwing on the lawn furniture. My wife said "don't look, she's being a slut" but it was a lovely sight. They both looked so hot fucking, especially when he pulled out and busted his nuts on her ass. Her pussy was gorgeous too.

  • Last year a male friend of mine (Darin) and his male partner (Tony) (they're gay/bi) invited me and my wife to his timeshare on the coast to do some wine tasting at the local vineyards and to stay overnight. Most of us were in our 40s. There were also two single women, 46 (Debra) and 24 (Lauren), that were there also. They all worked together. We had known each other for years and would go on outings occasionally, but nothing sexual ever happened. We were just friends.

    We stayed three nights, and the first two were no big deal, just hanging out and having fun. On the third night, after we all went to bed, I had to get up to get a drink of water from the kitchen, and had to pass through one of the rooms where Debra and Lauren were sleeping. I tiptoed my way in there, as to not wake anyone up, and I see Tony drilling his cock into Lauren's pussy doggy style. They looked at me, smiled, said "Shhh" and continued on. Debra was lying beside them, looking sleepy, but watching while playing with her clit a little.

    Lauren is really pretty, thick in the hips/ass, but her skin was gorgeous and that thick ass of hers looked delicious. I started rubbing my dick to the scene, when Tony started breathing hard and obviously came in Lauren. Lauren looked back a little frustrated and whispered she hadn't gotten off yet, and looked over to me. My wife was dead asleep in the other room, but I decided to go for it, though I knew I needed to be quick. Lauren backed her ass up to me, and I slipped right in, as she was still dripping Tony's load. She was so wet and tight that I had to slow down, to keep from losing it. At the moment I could hear Lauren start to crest, I let it go. OMG, she was a great fuck, far better than my wife. Tony gave head to Debra, until she got off, and then we retreated back into our rooms. My wife was still sound asleep, and had no idea I got fucked.

  • Went to an '80s theme party with my husband once. It was at my friends' house with about 20 people. The guys all had the new wave look or hairband rocker look, and most of us girls had our hair primped up big with hairspray and had the Madonna look, with lots of makeup, bracelets, long necklaces, and lots of neon. It was really fun. We took a lot of pictures, danced to 80s music, and drank a lot. The food was great too.

    One of my friends was dancing with her husband, she had her back to him, swaying her ass on him, while he had his hands cupping her tits while kissing her neck. They were totally drunk. Then she turned around, and they started really making out, like hot and heavy, the kind that doesn't stop until sex happens. They looked really sexy together.

    Another one of the husbands jokingly said, "Anyone here ever have sex with someone from the 80s?" That was a bit of a hint that some of us picked up on. Not everyone there was into it, the overwhelming majority weren't, but I'll just say a few of us got laid. Just watching others was maybe the best part. So fun. Didn't think anything like that would happen, really.

  • Hands down the best and wildest party I have ever been to or thrown was last Halloween. It started to early and everyone was getting waisted. So many people and so many different awesome costumes. My wife went as Pocahontas. Everyone was so having to great fun. The women were bouncing around and shaking their boob's it was hilarious. Then people started sitting and falling asleep. Soon people were passed out everywhere. I don't even remember going to bed. I woke up early , my wife wasn't at my side so I went to look for her. There was an alot of people on the floor and furniture in the living room. She wasn't there I looked everywhere. Finally I went to the garage and that's were I found her. She was on the carpeted part of the floor. her panties were around her ankles no bra and we still haven't found her costume.

  • Man did someone fuck her ? What did she say about it ? What do you think really happened ?

  • She doesn't think any one did I'm sure someone felt her up and or at least fingered her. I don't know what to think

  • I was staying at a hotel with my family once, and there happened to be a BBW Bash going on at the same time. I was curious and snuck into their opening mixer/dance party. I was a skinny 15-year-old white girl in a room full of huge fat women, mostly black or Hispanic, in their 30s and 40s, as well as guys who were into them. I was also wearing sandals, a halter top, a jean shorts while the other women were wearing elegant and sexy dresses. I really stood out.

    Despite this (or maybe because), I found myself dancing with a nearly spherical Latina lady who kept pulling me in close, twirling me around, and putting her hands on my waist. She bought me drinks (my first alcohol) and sat me down at a table with her friends. They put a blindfold on me and took turns kissing me and making me guess which one it was. If I got it right, I got to kiss them again. If I guy it wrong, they took an article of my clothing.

    By the time they took me up to their hotel room, all I had left were my glasses. They snuck me through the entire hotel in nothing but a towel.

    My first sex ever was with three fat women more than twice my age and weight each, in a hotel room, while I was on Spring Break with my parents. I wasn't even into women, but I went along with it and enjoyed myself.

  • Right after we got married and bought a house we had a house warming party that got out of hand a little. My husband invited lots of his college friends and they brought lots of alcohol. His best friend, also the best man at our wedding was there, and he stayed with me most of the time to help me with the party and keeping things in line. It was late and my husband was outside with the guys and his best friend, let’s call him “Mike” was going to spend the night with us. As I was inside washing dishes and putting things away Mike came in and we talked some more and I thanked him for helping me with the party. I was mad at my husband for ignoring me most of the night to get drunk with his friends. Mike was so nice and helped me put away dishes and clean up. When I starts going to my bedroom Mike said good night. I laid down and there was a knock and opened the door and it was Mike, he came in and caught me by surprise. He grabbed me and put me against the wall and started kissing me and we ended up in the bed and he had sex with me quickly and then kissed me and said this is our secret and he walked out. I got up to take a shower because he finished inside me. When I got out of the shower my husband came in to the bedroom and wanted to have sex, I said no but he begged and I told him no again, but he was drunk and got on top of me and started kissing me and I gave in and we had sex. He finished inside me, too. It was the first time I slept with two guys in the same night, just maybe twenty minutes difference.

  • I went to a football game with a guy I had a major crush on, he took me to a party afterward. I drank a lot and smoked pot and we were pretty trashed. He took me into a dark room with loud music and people everywhere making out and more. I could hear moans and bodies slapping against each other but it was dark so it was all shadows of people in the dark. My date made out with me and fingered me, then he bent me over a sofa and was having sex with me. Someone sat on the sofa and was feeling me up from the front and I would push his hands away but he kept doing it. Then he went away and then I felt my date finished and then another guy started putting it in me. My date whispered in my ear that I was so hot his friend wanted to see how good it was, he told him it was real good and his friend asked to give me a try. Me date sat on the sofa with my head on his shoulder while his friend had sex with me bent over the sofa. When we walked out of the room I asked who it was and my date said someone he knew. He never told me, and he never asked me out again. I really liked him and would and did anything he wanted, but he never called me again.

  • I remember parties like that. I’m sorry if you were made uncomfortable, but i got to suck on another girls titties for the first time because of that kind of party. She tried to push me away at first too, but someone pulled her arms away and I got a full mouthful for a few minutes. I loved it. We also both got fucked by the whole football team that night so it wasn’t that big a deal to suck a little titty. Haha

  • Sounds like you used to be fun! Lol

  • My husband and I went to a party at a beach house with some people we met at a bar on vacation. We didn’t wear our swimsuits, I had a sund dress and my husband had a polo and shorts. When we got to the house everyone was either in the hot tub or pool and after a while, and several drinks, my husband was persuaded to go in wearing his boxers. He went into the pool and said come on honey, I was wearing panties underneath but no bra. I said no. After a while he came to sit with me again and we saw that there were topless girls in the hot tub and pool and he said come on honey take a walk on the wild side. He asked me what color my panties were and I said white, and he did just do it, sit in the hot tub with your boobs under the water no one will see. So I dropped my dress and got in. After a while I was more comfortable and even got out and walked around the pool to get a drink topless in my wet panties.
    When we got out of the pool finally I sat on my husbands lap in just my panties as we talked with some other people. A guy was staring at me legs and my husband opened my legs and asked him if he wanted a peek, he said yes, and my husband pulled my panties to the side and showed him and everyone else. We partied with strangers nearly naked for the rest of the night, lots of flirting and lots of stares.

  • I once went to a house party hosted by a friend from work. Most of the people there were from work. Spouses or partners welcome too, and some came. I had to pee, so I went to the restroom, but found a couple of my coworkers fucking in the bathroom. I'd always suspected them of cheating, but now I had proof. I kept my lips sealed, because I was friends with both of them. The guy's wife was literally down the hall. So bad.

  • I went to a party one time and things were pretty regular until someone brought in some coke, speed, and pills. Things got pretty wild after that. I have never had so much sex in my life. I don't know how many guys I had sex with that night but I sucked, fucked, and even ate out another girl. I remember licking the cum off her and then just going from there.

    The next day I was so sore I could barely walk.

  • I went to a wedding/reception once where they did the traditional garter toss. The groom sat my friend, the bride, in a chair and took it off and flung it to a group nearby. Then he went head first under her dress and, crazy but true, ate her out for a minute or two. It was an omg type of moment. My friend was blushing, and some of us still aren't sure if it was because she was embarrassed or whether she actually got off. She refuses to talk about it.

  • My husband and I went to our friends for a sports party, Stanley cup final game and it was BORING for me. The guys wife seemed really into it though and it was just the two of us for women there. We were both upstairs at one point and she looked at me and asked if I was enjoying myself, told her sports really are not my thing and she told me that she did not like it either. She was looking at me and said that she only acts this way to get the guys fired up. She told me she had another jersey if I wanted to change into it, she lifted hers up and I had not even noticed she was braless. She winked and told me that she purposely leans over for the guys and gives them a show. I changed and we headed back to the game and my husband noticed right away that I had dropped my bra. We all partied more and after a few more shots I was dancing around with the other woman and we ended up upstairs in her bedroom naked on the bed. Her husband came to check on us after like half an hour and was happy as hell when he saw what was going on. One other guy stayed after the game was over and the five of us had sex for quite a while. I remember one guy other than my husband having some incredible staying power and fucking me for a long time.
    I was worn out for the drive home but when we got there my husband was horny as ever and we made love for another long session, I guess it turned him on tremendously seeing me with her and the other guys.

  • Mine would have to be about ten years ago at my then husband's company picnic. There were probably forty people their ,lots of food and drinking . My husband ended up getting so drunk I needed help getting him to our car. Two guys helped me and ended up convincing me to stay and just let him sleep it off in the car. As we walked back to the party we detoured into on of the workshops on the property to smoke a joint one of the guys had. While smoking it ,it became obvious what the guys wanted as they started talking about how good I looked and getting touchy, rubbing my ass and eventually groping me. I ended up sucking and fucking them both that night before going back to the car and taking my husband home.

  • After watching the Superbowl everyone was drunk of course. So most people started leaving except for 3 of my buddies and one of their wives. So the six of us including my wife kept drinking and whatever. The girls turned on some music videos on the TV and started dancing with each other. Soon they started almost dirty dancing with each other and wiggling their tits and asses towards each other. His wife unbuttoned her shirt my wife straight up took hers off. That prompt my buddy to grab his wife and leave. My other two friends and I sat there drinking beers as my wife literally stripped down until she was only wearing her panties. Alot has been said about that night and alot more had happened that night. I'm sure you get the general idea.

  • Yeah why share it with us here?

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