Second time shopping and working on my transformation.

I went to a “Rue 21” clothing store the other day for my second shopping trip for women’s clothing. I put on a pair of panties and skinny hip hugger woman’s jeans that I had and a summer men’s shirt.
When I first arrived at the store there was couple other customers there but I still started shopping around in the woman’s section. I wanted a woman top that I could wear with out being too frilly. Odd as I love lacy satin panties.
Anyway I the others left so I asked the clerk about sizing for me. She told me to try on a couple to see. I took a few pull over tops to the dressing room. I found one that fit nicely and stepped out for her to see. She said I had a nice shape for the clothes.
She then handed me a blouse that snapped at the crotch and said this would show my slim figure. I but it on and said it was tight. She asked to see so I walked over to where she was but it was obvious that my pantie’s waist band was pulled above the jeans and flashed a bright teal fabric. She handed me a larger one to try and as I tried it on she said it would look better with a bra on. She then opened the door and handed me one. She helped me put it on as I stood with my jeans opened up fully revealing my panties. She said but on the top and see if it fits properly.
I felt great in the bra and eagerly stepped out to see show her my outfit. I walked over to her in public the first time wearing a bra in full woman’s attire. She said I looked great and walked me over to the panties to find one that matched the bra “instead of the teal ones I had on” she said, but they did not have any that would work.
I had to undress to pay for the bra and few tops that I had wanted, but I could not wait to put the bra back on that evening.

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  • Im a fairly large man and do my shopping at Torrid and Lane Bryant in central Ohio. They are consistently helpful and willing to let me try on in store.

  • Nice.

  • Women are always so much more open minded then men are when it comes to things like that. I once bought some sexy high heels at a shoe store. I was hoping that the female clerk would think they were for my girlfriend or something along those lines. When she opened the box to inspect the shoes she said "Oh these are so nice, and I like the color too." Then she closed the box and that was that. But I bet because of the shoe size she knew they were for me.

  • They do know. And they do not mind, they can be so helpful.

  • I am straight but love wearing panties pantyhose thongs I would love to go shopping with you. I want to wear a short black skirt with black stockings and heels with no panties and a white see through top.

  • Thank would be a fun shopping trip.

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