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On a Whim I had sex with my bestfriends brother and now she won't talk to me. Jen and I have been bestfriends since grade school. We go everywhere together and we talk about everything. She was there the night I lost my virginity (not in the same room), and she was there the night I got engaged to the biggest creep in the world. She of course was there the night I walked away from the creep and helped me get into an apartment.

About a month ago I went to a party. Jen was supposed to be there with me, but she got the flu and couldn't go. I was going to stay with her but for whatever reason she convinced me to go with her brother instead. I never knew how much Alex and I had in common until that night. It may have been the alcohol or the fact that I was single, but that night he looked different, more handsome than I had ever noticed. He was saying all the right things, and was a perfect gentleman the whole evening. He never drank one drop and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. When the evening finally ended and he dropped me off at my apartment, he again was a gentleman and walked me to the door. I was having a hard time with the key opening the door, so he graciously helped me get in the door. As we stood in the doorway with awkward silence, all I could think about was kissing him. Then it happened. To be truthful, I can't remember if he kissed me or I kissed him, but next thing I knew we were in my bed having the best sex ever. It was amazing and I melted in his arms. He spent the night and we had sex again in the morning.

Around 9 AM my bestfriend called to and asked how the party was. Alex of course was still there, but neither of us thought anything of it when I was talking to Jen. We had only been talking for a few minutes when she asked if that was Alex she heard in the background. Again not thinking anything about I told her yes and that he spent the night. She straight up asked if we had sex with a tone. I thought that was odd, but I have never lied to her and I'm not about to start now. So I admit that yes we had slept together. She flipped the fuck out and started calling me everything but a white woman. Fucking bitch, backstabbing slut, how could I sleep with her brother. I was shocked and didn't know what to say. She never told me her brother was off limits, and it's not like we are in relationships, both of us are single adults. She ended by hanging up on me. I tried to call her back, but it just went to voice mail. Alex left and went to her house. He called me later to say Jen was super pissed and wouldn't even talk to him either.

It has been a month and Jen still refuses to talk to me or take my calls. Alex has talked to her several times, but she told him she was done being friends with me. Alex and I really want to date, but he doesn't want to make it worse by dating while his sister is so mad. He still comes over and calls, but said we can't date until Jen and I make up. I told him I was trying but his sister won't budge. So now I'm sitting her wondering how long this can go on. Maybe I should just walk away from both of them and call it a day. Then again Jen is my bestfriend in the whole world and her brother is probably the nicest guy I will ever meet. So I keep waiting.

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  • Hang in there! You've done nothing wrong, and the guy sounds like he's worth waiting for!

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