Wife's sicko desire?

I have been married to my wife Jenny for about 4 years now. Things have been pretty good up till now. Our sex lives were always good. No, more like fantastic I thought. But about a week ago Jen told me about her desire. She told me that she wants to have oral sex and possible vaginal sex with several of our horses. At first I said your joking yes? She didn't laugh. Then I realized she really was confessing to me about this sick shit she wants to do with our animals. I felt very ill and almost vomited. I told her if I catch her or even suspect she has done this I will leave her ass. What the hell is wrong with my wife? What can I do? I tried to get her to seek help but she refuses saying there is nothing wrong with what she has been fantasying about. What would you do if you were in my position? I love her. But can't be party to this sort of thing it's not natural. Help! Suggestions? I don't know what to do. But I will leave her.

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  • I'm a 46 year old female, married at the age of 19, 3 children, and I've been having sex with one or more of our horses since I was 22, and my husband is none the wiser. Yes the horse cock will stretch your pussy or ass from repeated use. However it snaps back into shape after a bit.

  • Hey baby I'd love to watch you fucking your horses. I think it's so sexy.

  • Hey, if we are being forced into accepting transgenderism, then transspeciesism can't be far behind. Man up, and fuck that horse.

  • Well fucking said 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • This sick shit as you put it is very much on the rise all over the world and can be dated right back to stone age times with cave drawings showing sex between animals and humans.
    If you love her you’ll accept her and her desires.

  • Don't listen to these sick people here. The bitches cunt will be so fucking sloppy you can drive a horse trailer through it. Find your self a good woman not this sick freak. There are plenty of good women out there. Leave this one to the way of Ringling Brothers. History!

  • Ha, she's already fucked the horse, you just don't know it. She got a sloppy pussy? Now you know.

  • Try watching a horse and lady fuck video and see if you change your mind.

  • I’d do anything to watch that. I’d love to see her such a horse to cum in her mouth and spit or gulp some of it. I love to watch videos of girls taking that thick long cock and hear them grunt as the horse plies his cock then flairs in her cunt and watch it pour out. I’d then use the cum on her as lube and pick her

  • It is fun watching a woman when she’s sucking on a horse cock. Watching the cum squirting out of her mouth when it shoots that massive load. Watching it dripping down from her face, all over her titties. Watching her gagging because of the amount of cum that shot down her throat.
    Or watching her squirm as she tries to get that cock inside of her pussy. Watching her try crawling away when the horse shoved it deep inside of her. Watching the mass amount of cum flowing out of her pussy. Seeing her stretched pussy after that horse cock pops out, cum still flowing out of her.
    That’s when you bend her over, rub your dick in the horse cum, and bury your dick inside of her asshole. Pound that ass until you shoot your cum deep inside of her ass.

  • Let her have her fun. She open up to you and all you got is threats! Don't be foolish, maybe you have a better sex life. At least its not another man.

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