House sitting

When I was in college I used to house sit for a rich couple my parents knew. I went to Florida State, so house sitting their vacation home on Lake Talquin was easy for me. Sometimes they would rent it out or let their friends stay there, in which case they would call me so I wasn't showing up when someone was staying there.

It was early spring and typically people stayed in the house in the winter or summer, not so much in fall and spring. I headed on out to the house expecting to have a nice quiet weekend. Do a little jet skiing and invite my girlfriend along for a little fun. At the last minute my girlfriend canceled, she and to go home for funeral, so I was all alone.

Saturday morning I took the jet ski and headed out of some fun. I was gone several hours and returned to the house. When I walked in, I knew something wasn't right. I could sense that someone was in the house. Then I saw a bad that didn't belong to me. I walked to the house, but didn't see anyone. I headed upstairs to continue my search. As I walked into the bedroom I was met face to face with a woman who looked to be around 30. She was nice looking, tan, beautiful body, oh and naked.

As soon as she saw me she let out a scream and grabbed for the lamp on the table whipping it at my head. I being shocked by her naked body was clearly unable to duck and was knocked out by the lamp. When I came to about a minute later, she was standing over me with the other lamp demanding I tell her what I'm doing in the house. I tried to sit up, but that wasn't happening, instead I answered who I was. She immediately dropped the other lamp and tried to assist me with sitting up. Meanwhile she's still naked.

She helped me up and got me sat down on the bed. Then she grabbed a shirt and put it on. Afterward she proceeded to inspect the huge gash in my head from the lamp. She was apologizing profusely and wanted to call 911, but I assured her I would be fine. I then asked her who she was. She explained that she is a niece of the owners. After a few more questions and conversation we called the owners who apologized for not letting me know she would be staying the weekend.

I started gathering my things and planned on heading back to my place, but this woman who I'll call Jen, wouldn't have it. She demanded that I stay all night so she could make sure I was alright. Long story short, by Sunday afternoon we were getting along so well she asked if if I would stay again. I jokingly asked if she just wanted to see me naked because I had seen her naked. She laughed and said yes. That was enough to send us into eachothers arms.

We spent the rest of the night fucking like rabbits. I ate her pussy on the kitchen table. I fucked her bent over the kitchen counter. She gave me a blowjob on the couch. I fucked her doggy style on the screened porch and she road me in the bed. The next morning I fucked her again when we took a shower together and I ate her pussy and fucked again on the couch before we left.

After that weekend we kept in touch and often met at the house for little weekend romps. That is until my girlfriend found out about it and shit hit the fan. My girlfriend and I were in our early twenties while Jen had just turned 30. So of course my girlfriend called her an old skank whore while bashing me as a, you guessed it, a motherfucker. Even though she wasn't even married nor had any kids.

My girlfriend and I eventually broke up because of it. Jen and I took that as sign to spend even more time together. After I graduated I moved to Atlanta where Jen lived. We got a place of our own and 5 years together now we still fuck like rabbits. I just can't help it. My dick gets rock hard everytime I see her naked, and sometimes when she's fully clothed. We fuck all the time and I sometimes wonder if it well ever slow down. We probably fuck 15 or 16 times a week. I'm not kidding. At least once a day, and most times it's twice a day or three times in the day. We fuck in the morning when we shower, and then again after we get home from work. Sometimes we even fuck again when we go to bed. How is this possible?

We've been dating and living together for 5 years now, I'm 28 and she's 35. I think I will propose to her. Not sure I can find anyone better. Hopefully the 7 year age difference doesn't cause any problems. It hasn't thus far.

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  • Don't worry about the age difference. Men usually die first.

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