Nymphomaniac girlfriend

I like having sex as much as the next guy. Only my girlfriend wants to have se all the time. She wants sex 2 or 3 times a day. I know what you're thinking, I should be happy and give it to her. The problem is that's the minimum. Yesterday she woke me up with a blowjob, then rode me. We got up and while we were making breakfast she came on to me again and I bent her over the kitchen table. Later on around 11am she came into the garage where I was working, she was naked and demanded sex again. By 1:30 PM she was ready and wanted it yet again. Around 4 PM we decided to make dinner. She started stripping and we fucked again. Afterward we were sitting on the couch and she wanted it again. I was literally cumming blood by this time. I tried to tell her no, but she wouldn't have it. We had sex again when we went to bed and then again later in the night she woke me up. This morning I was pissing fire and I'm sick. I'm not sure how my dick is even getting hard at this point. I told her we couldn't have sex today, but she came on to me this morning and we had sex again. My dick hurts so bad I'm sure I am fucking myself to death.

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  • Went through much the same with wife just before she began menopause. Had a fairly typical sex life much of the time, couple times a week early in our relationship both before and after marriage. Then couple times a month after kids. Even that lessened when kids hit high school and all the different stress events developed through the years. Once we became empty nesters though she seemed horny all the time. She became an exhibitionist, then in home nudist with an insatiable need for sex. Doing it morning, afternoon and night wasn't enough. First sign of me cumming blood got her to ease up. Then she found a rabbit and some other toys so that helped. I started doing oral on her more and more and all that helped out. Now she's 60 and postmenopausal and the sex drive is hit and miss. When it's there it requires a lot of oral on my part, or manual stimulation by one or the other of us, or even both to get her to take me vaginally. Recently she's been very receptive to anal, something that she wouldn't do for the first 40 years of our marriage. Nowadays we begin foreplay several times a week but I never really know where it will go. She will get charged up but the past few months though it involves lots of oral on her and lots of pussy and anal play. I end up putting it in an orifice to get off in some way but never really know which way things may go.

  • Two things : 1. Are you SURE you don't have an STD ? " Pissing fire " is one of the symptoms of those. 2. Nymphomania is a real condition, and can be treated. One of its' symptoms is lots of sex, but failing to achieve orgasm, or not being satisfied by the ones they do accomplish. It's not your fault, there's no blame being laid, but, diagnosis and treatment could make both of you happier.

  • I thought it was an STD at first too, I went to the doctor and they did all the test. I was clean. My doc told me it burns because of all the irritation. The penis is not designed to ejaculate continuously.

  • How old is she? I kinda went through the same thing, but it was when my wife was in her 30's. In her 20's she had a pretty normal sex drive, the same as mine, maybe once every day or two. In her 30's she was out of control, begging for cock around the clock. I couldn't keep up and regularly had sores on my dick from fucking too much. Now she's in her late 40's post-menopausal and doesn't want to fuck at all.

  • She's 28 and I'm 25. She woke me up again last night, 3 fucking time to have sex. I finally told her no when she wanted to have sex this morning. My dick is so sore I piss fire all the time. She got all huffy with me when I told her no this morning. I never in my wildest dreams thought women could be like this. It's like she is horny all the time.

  • Just get her checked for fungal infections.

  • That's rough. Just make sure to use plenty of lube to keep your dick from chafing. It might also be good to get her some toys. If she is that horny, though, I'd be worried about her acting out with others. A dripping wet pussy at her age is a blessing and a curse.

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