Friends and Family

I went to hang out with some friends with a buddy of mine. At the house we went to, there was Jen and her husband, Joel, and Jen's brother Carl and his girlfriend (I don't remember her name so let's call her Jamie). So we pulled up and everyone is already drinking. Joel is being a douchebag, complaining about everyone drinking his beer and saying we need to pay him for it. We said if we're going to pay for beers, we'd rather be at a bar where there is a chance to get laid or a strip club so we can see some titties. Jen says you can see titties here and flashes us. Carl's girlfriend asked why we couldn't get laid there at the house. We point out that Jen is married to Joel and she is with Carl. She's kinda flirting, but we decide we're going to go out for a little while. Jamie gets upset because she isn't old enough to get in anywhere and tries convincing us to say before begging that we take her with us. When Jen points out that I know the manager of the pool hall, Jamie offers a blowjob if I get her in. I laugh it off. When she asked my buddy for a cigarette earlier, he had said it would cost her a blowjob and she was trying to drag him into the bedroom. Girl was just really thirsty for a dick in her mouth.

So we take off for a little while and Carl's gf is pissed that he goes with us. When we get back, they're all pretty blitzed. Somehow it ends up with all of us guys on one couch and the girls dancing in front of us, flashing their tits and then slowly, awkwardly holding each other and giving little kisses to each other. I can't remember how but we all ended up in the bedroom and the girls were on the waterbed (yes, waterbed), stripping down, and putting baby oil all over themselves and the bed. I jokingly grabbed a chair and brought it into the room to get comfortable and the three other guys did, too. So some kissing, touching, licking, and biting is going on and Carl's girlfriend starts going down on his sister. I leaned over and asked my buddy if Carl was watching his girlfriend eat out his sister. He said, "Yup." I thought, well that's kind of weird.

Jamie must have got really turned on because she started rubbing herself hard and stood up. She took my hands and stood me up and started undoing my belt buckle. The other three guys all got up and left. I'd always had a thing for Jen and Jamie was sexy as hell, so I wasn't going anywhere. Jamie pulled my cock out and got on her knees and started sucking it. Jen was still laying on the bed watching, dragging her fingers across her nipples and slowly slid a hand down to her pussy. I motioned her to come over and she sat up, but then shook her head no. I asked why and Jamie stopped to ask her what was wrong. Jen said Joel would be pissed. I told her, Fuck that guy. I popped my head out of the bedroom and asked if Carl or Joel had a problem. They both said no. I said, So we're clear - if I stay in here and fuck your girls, I'm not going to hear any crying and bitching about it later? They both said no. Jen walked into the living room with a blanket and sat next to Joel whispering to him. I shut the door and turned back to Jamie and asked her if she wanted to finish. She smiled and told me to sit in the chair. She fell to her knees again and started sucking me off again.

The door opened and Jen came back in and dropped the blanket. I wanted to play with her big, full tits and started to suck on them. She said Joel said she couldn't have sex, but Jamie could go down on her. I took her hand and put it on my dick and asked what about this? She moaned, Oh my god, and started to give me a handjob. I sucked on her nipples and Jamie started licking and kissing Jen from an awkward angle. Jen whispered, I can't... I can't... as she started lowering her head down to my cock. I said, Yeah you can, and put my hand on the back of her head, pulling her down until my dick was in her mouth. After maybe a minute, she stood up and I told her bend over toward the bed. She said she couldn't, but didn't resist me as I turned her around. I pushed her forward and she said, Please, but moaned as I slid my cock into her pussy. Of course, after three pumps the door opens and there is Joel. So everything comes to a full stop.

We end up in the living room. Joel is pissed but smart enough not to say anything to me. He was a punk anyway, only talking shit to his girl - talking about "You'll see later." So my buddy and I decide to take off. Carl and Jamie ask if they can crash at our place since all that shit is going on. As we're driving home, Jamie says she can just blow all of us. We pull up and Carl and I smoke a cigarette, but my buddy goes inside. Jamie is looking genuinely concerned that she isn't going to get to suck us all off and I told her to go check on my boy and see if he was down. She was up there a while and then came down and said he said no, he was going to sleep. I presumed that he got her to give him a bj then, but was a little shy about having his dinky out for us to see (found out later this was the case).

Carl, Jamie, and I are sitting in the living room and Jamie stands in front of me biting her fingernail. I asked what she wanted and she wanted to know if that meant she didn't get to finish sucking my cock. I told her, "Girl, nobody said you couldn't. Ask your man." He told her to handle her business, he didn't care. So she dropped to her knees again and pulled my cock out and went to work. After a while, she reached down between her legs and started touching herself. I told Carl to fuck her. He got behind her and tried, but don't think he could get it up. I said, For fuck's sake, and flipped her around. Can't nobody fuck this poor girl right, I said and told her to suck him off while I fucked her.

She was going crazy, almost demonic, as I fucked her. Carl nutted in her mouth and she whimpered as if she was sad he did so quickly. I felt her cum and right as she started, I pulled my cock out and shoved it up her ass all the way. She let out this guttural groan and gushed a little bit. We all got up, cleaned up, and stepped outside to smoke. Holy shit - just remembered her name - her name was Christine. So strike all that - Jamie is Christine. Anyway, Christine just kept saying wow and how good it felt. We all went upstairs to crash. When I got up in the morning, Carl and CHRISTINE were in the bathroom fucking. I could hear him talking dirty to her and smacking her ass, but she didn't seem that into it - not like she was the night before.

Time comes for them to leave and Carl is ready to go. Christine says she is going to stay. This whole situation goes on like are they breaking up - why does she want to stay - blah blah. He finally says whatever and my buddy takes him home. She's trying to get on me as soon as they leave, but I wasn't having it. Nothing happened that day, but the next day after sleeping on the couch she was trying to negotiate sleeping in my bed. After a few nights I let her. Couple of nights I gave her a back massage. One night fucked her and some other time on the way to the store I made her take her tits out and pulled over so she could give me head. After about two weeks, told her she needed to go. She said she didn't have anywhere to go and told her that wasn't my problem; call Carl. Never saw her again.

5.4 years ago

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