How I became Bi

I was in college and living with four other women in a three bedroom apartment, I shared a room with my freshman year dorm roomie. We had talked about it over the summer and both wanted to get an apartment for more living space.
The two of us were out with some other friends and when the night was getting long we all decided to call a taxi and four of us jammed into the back seat. I am short and back then I was barely a hundred pounds so I sat on Sara's lap kind of sideways, I was also wearing a mini dress which was definitely not were it needed to be when the taxi started going. We had like a fifteen minute ride and there were only women so I did not worry about it.
Several minutes later Sara's hand moved right up to the top of my thighs, the back seat was pretty dark and no one was looking down anyways. I gave her a sideways look and smiled at her then looked back at the other women. Her fingers were lightly caressing my skin and suddenly she slid one right up to my underwear and gave me a few rubs. I know my face went flush but as I stared at the other women she must have been watching them also because she continued rubbing me for several seconds then backed off.
We slept in the same queen size bed in the room we shared and had never so much as touched each other sexually ever, we did wake up a few times pressed against one another but nothing to weird. So as the taxi ride continued so did her fondling of my vagina thru the material, soon her finger was coming in and rubbing pretty firmly and fast and I could feel myself getting turned on by it. I gave her another look smiling at her and she winked at me.
The taxi dropped us off and as we were all getting out of the taxi to the right in the few seconds she had while the other two in front of me she slid a hand right up to one of my breasts and cupped it. I was filled with tingles from my nipple to my feet from all the stimulation on the ride home so this was even more on top of it. I got out and straighten my dress out then we said goodbye to the other three and headed up the stairs to the apartment, while going up the stairs I felt her hands grab my ass right under my dress. I turned around on the stairs and asked her what she was doing and she brought her lips right to mine. I returned her kiss then our tongues were twirling around each other as we stood there for at least a minute kissing deeply.
We broke apart and made it to the apartment, no one else was up so we continued straight back to our bedroom. She closed the door behind us and I asked her what was going on with her tonight, she started kissing me again and this time she slid her fingers down and pulled my dress right up to my breasts. I lifted my arms up and my dress was off then my bra, she began kissing and licking my nipples while we fell back onto the bed with her on top of me still giving my breasts attention.
Several minutes later she got up onto her knees and stripped off her top and bra then pulled down my underwear, after that she removed her pants and we both were naked. She got back on the bed and as she made her way up my legs she stopped and gave my clit area a huge kiss and sucked it hard with her lips. She then kept coming upwards and gave my breasts some more attention before kissing me deeply some more. I could feel her thigh pushing on me as I spread my legs more giving her some room.
I then ran my hands down her sides and instinctively began caressing her nipples with my fingers as we kissed for a few more minutes. She then made her way back down to my pubic area and settled right between my thighs as I felt her tongue pushing its way into me. I let out a long breath as she began licking me and I could feel myself melting into her mouth. She pleasured me for a bit then I felt her fingers rubbing the bottom of my vagina and then they slid slowly into it. I had an orgasm several minutes later and she did not even stop as I shook with pleasure holding her hair in my fingers pulling her face right into me. She made her way back up to my lips and as we kissed I tasted myself on her and loved it, she smiled at me and then began turning around. I watched her ass come into view then seconds later her vagina was spread out almost touching my nose, I remember inhaling her scent and thinking how sexy it was, I lifted my head a little bit and licked her sweetness. I grabbed a hole of her hips and pulled her down onto my face and pushed my tongue deep into her. I then licked her all over and found her clit, she was moving around in little circles and I licked and sucked on it until I heard her moaning quietly and felt the pulsations on my lips, she orgasmed in no time at all.
We continued licking and playing with each other for quite some time, I know I had two more very nice orgasms and she had at least one. She crawled off of me and we fell asleep. I woke up in the morning and she was already up so I took a shower, it was about five minutes into I heard the door open up and she peeked her head in and asked if she could join me. I smiled at her and she took off her robe and got in with me, we had the master bedroom and the shower was a stall, our bodies were always touching pretty much and we washed and caressed each other. We kissed deeply again and she asked me how I liked last night, I was great with it and told her that as she smiled back at me.
We sometimes made love every night for weeks but even then we did it three times a week and sometimes we would make love for hours into the night just pleasuring each other over and over. I miss the hell out of that because it was awesome having so much pleasure. We still keep in touch but live to far apart to meet up on a regular basis but I know if we could we would start right back up again so maybe it is a good thing we only see each other a few times a year.

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