Married women put single gals to shame in bed

One of the hottest women I ever fucked was a married woman. She was sort of plain looking and a little overweight. But when I was naked with her for the first time, my head almost exploded. She had the thickest, blackest pussy hair I'd ever seen.

I immediately went down on her and ate her to orgasm twice. She was so wet and sweet tasting. I then mounted her and fucked her like there was no tomorrow. It was like I was in the zone or something - I was able to restrain myself from blowing my come inside her, even though I gave it to her fast and furious. She writhed and moaned as I fucked her, which was very hot.

After 45 minutes on nonstop drilling, I looked down between her legs that were spread wide. I saw my cock disappear into her thick, black pussy hair with every stroke. It was so hot, watching my cock disappear into this married woman's hairy pussy. I could hold out no longer and blew a huge, hot load deep inside her.

Still hard, I withdrew my cock from her pussy and replaced it with my mouth. I began licking and sucking our combined fuck syrup out of her wide open pussy. She immediately came in my mouth, her contractions pushing the full load of our come into my mouth. I swallowed it all and continued to lick and suck her till she was squeaky clean. Then I swung around and aimed my still hard cock at her face. She immediately took my cock into her mouth and hungrily licked and sucked me clean.

That was our first time, but not our last. We fucked like that twice a week for over three years till she and her husband moved away. It was hot knowing that when she left my apartment after we fucked, that half an hour later she was home with her husband - her pussy still slick with the remnants of my come.

She was still fucking him, so I have often wondered how much of each other's come we had each licked out of his wife. To be honest, I just didn't fucking care. She aroused me so much that I would gladly lick his come out of her if she had asked me to.

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  • Once I met a married lady who was upset with her husband who treated her like shit. To make along story short she was the best lover i ever had , every time i came in her she would grin and say something humiliating about her husband. Once she called him on her cell while I was fucking the shit out of her.
    The best sex is when you are with a married woman, she will do things for you she would never do with her clueless husband.

  • In my experience or opinion single mums make the best fucks.

  • An old girlfriend, a virgin saving herself, showed up at my work place with a mutual friend. Her husband had beat her and drove 80 miles to her old hometown, the friend's house to hide out. The husband found out where she was staying and she needed a new place to hide -- my place. Husband was the only guy she ever had sex with till that first night. I taught her 101 news ways to fuck, rim jobs (her first), and blowjobs (her first) -- We were only too happy to rain on his parade. It was extra awesome. She stayed a week -- a buddy was over and we spit roast her -- she was only to happy to go home used goods. It was therapy for her and I was her doctor.

  • I've fucked around 200 women in my 50 years of life, and can attest that marital status has no bearing on a woman's sexual performance. At best, you may have a psychological thing going on that makes sex with a married woman seem better to you, but most likely, you have never had sex with anything but your hand, and you are just fantasizing.

  • Until the husband finds out. and you got to fight off a few thuggery buggery karma's and poached rhon eggs with stds

  • Never heard such bull sh!t ever. what you wrote makes no sense.

  • Yeah, this asswipe is the same guy who writes about fucking everybody's wife and g/f. Just another flimsy tale of philandering, only this time he admits to slurping some secondhand cum.

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